Summer 2021

June 25Kalpa Henadhira ArchchingeSimulating the Solar Wind from the Sun to 1AU using Synthetic Magnetogram Data
August 2Kalpa Henadhira ArchchingeComparing the Performance of a Solar Wind Model From the Sun to 1AU using Real and Synthetic Magnetograms 
August 4Christopher Mendillo The PICTURE-C Exoplanetary Imaging Balloon Mission: First Flight Results and Second Flight preparation 

Fall 2020

September 4Rigel CappalloPulse Profile Fitting with Polestar... RESULTS!
September 11Ofer CohenPROSWIFT-The Space Weather Act
September 18Jason MartelPreparing for PICTURE-C Flight 2
October 2Sanjeev MehtaPhased Array Communication System Design
October 9Supriya ChakrabartiAn Introduction to Research at Lowell Center for Space Science and Technology (LoCSST)
October 30Mike CentolaResponsible Conduct in Research
November 13Nicholas SorabellaSelf-lensing Supermassive Black Holes
November 20Antoine DelarueInvestigating the feasibility of additive manufacturing for ceramic telescope mirrors
December 18Sean GarrityUltra Luminous X-ray Sources

Summer 2020

July 20Nick SorabellaSelf-Lensing in Eclipsing Binary Systems
July 20Ofer CohenThe Space Environment of TOI700 d
July 27Ankur RoyFrom Library to Science: Understanding the Fundamental Parameters of X-Ray Pulsars
July 27Sunip MukherjeeAltitude Control System on a Cube Satellite
August 7Sayantan BhattacharyaWhat is the Mass of IC 10 X-1?
August 7Thad PotterExosims
August 14Kalpa HenadhiraPerovskite Solar Cell
August 14Kuravi HewawasamPhase Shifting Interferometer Controller
August 21Sanjeev MehtaPhased Array Communications System on Cube Satellite
August 21Michele WoodlandUMass Lowell Schueller Observatory
August 28Imane HankourSpace Weather Modeling Framework
August 28Tim CookCOMIC - A Possible Prism Payload