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Lowell Center for Space Science & Technology

Bringing together Researchers, Students and Industry to Explore Space.

Leaders in Space Science

Earth as seen from space

The Lowell Center for Space Science and Technology gathers today’s leaders in space science to study and understand interactions between Earth and the solar system and beyond. We focus our collaborative research efforts on the following:

  • Science about space such as characteristics of Earth, planets, stars, galaxies and regions in between
  • Science from space such as remote sensing
  • Technology such as instrumentation, systems, control, communication, operations and data analysis


Jfk Summit Presentation Booth

JFK Space Summit

LoCSST participated on June 19 in a program honoring the 50th anniversary of the historic moon landing at the JFK Memorial Library.

LoCSST had a booth at this event and showcased sample experimental work of our students. For example, a small satellite (CubeSat) built entirely by undergraduates under a NASA program called Undergraduate Student Instrumentation Program (USIP).