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Friday Seminar Series

Fall 2019

All seminars are at 3 p.m. on their scheduled date in the room number listed at the Wannalancit Mills Business Center.

Sept. 13Avi Shporer (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)Science with orbital phase curves in the space ageRoom 405
Sept. 20David Wexter (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)On the Fluctuations of Electron Density and Magnetic Field in the Solar Mid-Corona: Spacecraft Radio ObservationsRoom 305
Sept. 27Wen Li and Qianli Ma (Boston University)Recent Advances in Understanding Energetic Electron Precipitation in the Earth's Van Allen Radiation Belts.Room 405
Oct. 4Ankur Roy, UML LoCSSTPresenting a comprehensive library of SMC X-Ray Pulsars: A Public Resource for Scientific AnalysisRoom 305
Oct. 11Toshi Nishimur (Boston University)STEVE: A new type of upper atmospheric emission and unusual magnetosphere-ionosphere processesRoom 405
Oct. 25Erno Sajo (University of Massachusetts, Lowell, Physics)Nano-Film, X-ray Detectors with Potential Large-Area Space ApplicationRoom 405
Nov. 1Archana Kamal (University of Massachusetts, Lowell, Physics)Quantum reservoir engineering: beating dechoherence at its own gameRoom 305
Nov. 8Nick Murphy ( CfA, Harvard University)Building an open source Python ecosystem for plasma physicsRoom 305
Nov. 15Derek Buzasi (Florida Gulf Coast University)A New Window Into Massive Stars: Asteroseismology over Multiple EpochsRoom 305
Nov. 22Antonija Oklopcic (CfA, Harvard University)Probing the Escaping Atmospheres of ExoplanetsRoom 405
Dec. 6American Geophysical UnionAGU Practice TalksRoom 305

Alternate speaker: Jiannan Tu (UMass Lowell) - A simulation study of neutral dynamo in the ionosphere.