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Friday Seminar Series

Spring 2019

All seminars are at 3 p.m. on their scheduled date in the Wannalancit Mills Business Center.

Feb. 1Ewan Douglas (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)Imaging Exozodiacal Dust in Scattered Light from SpaceRoom 305
Feb. 8Silas Laycock (Lowell Center for Space Science & Technology)X Ray BinariesRoom 403
Feb. 15Robert Kerr (CPI)Vertical neutral wind measurements and the structure of horizontal winds as a function of altitude in the midlatitude thermosphere: Implications for energy input at LEO and for planetary escapeRoom 305
Feb. 22Ivan Galkin (Space Science Laboratory)International Reference IonosphereRoom 403
March 1Sarah Kuhn (UMass Lowell, Psychology Dept.)Thinking With Things: Lessons from my unusual classroomRoom 305
March 8Yuzhang Ma (Space Science Laboratory)Ionospheric irregularities associated with ion upflow in the polar regionRoom 407
March 22Julian Alvarado-Gomez (Harvard University, Center for Astrophysics)Stellar Magnetism and Space Weather in Exo-planetary SystemsRoom 305
March 29Sean Andrews (Harvard University, Center for Astrophysics)Topic TBARoom 305
April 5Yifan Huang (Space Science Laboratory)Simulation of Global Plasma Transportation using DyFK ModelRoom 305
April 12Christopher Skinner (UMass Lowell, Environmental Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Dept.)Topic TBARoom 405
April 26Dipankar Maitra (Wheaton College)Black hole disk-jet interaction and involving undergraduates in astronomical researchRoom 305
May 3David Wexler (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)Radio sounding of the solar coronaRoom 403
May 10Ana I. Gomez de Castro (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)The Ultraviolet Exploration of the Universe: From Large Missions to CubesatsRoom 305

*Alternate speaker: Jiannan Tu (UMass Lowell) - A simulation study of neutral dynamo in the ionosphere