The Wage Equity Group was formed in 2013 by a cross-disciplinary team of CWW Associates who are passionate about closing the gender earnings gap and achieving pay fairness for all. We tackle this important topic through research, workshops, community engagement and business advising.

Our work spans the macro to micro levels of impact: public policy, workplace policy, external and internal labor markets, international comparisons, work teams, and individual factors. We contribute to the national dialogue on wage equity with our research (highlighted in major news outlets such as Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, Atlantic, Boston Globe), through public appearances (WBUR Radio Boston), and by offering thought leadership via platforms such as WBUR's Cognoscenti (Mind the Pay Gap).

Several of our members are certified as Salary Negotiation Facilitators by the American Association of University Women (AAUW). AAUW Work Smart and Start Smart workshops teach negotiation skills that empower women to negotiate their salaries. We conduct two campus workshops each year for women students. We also assist with the organization of workshops for alumnae and for women already employed in specific fields (such as STEM). Our wage negotiation workshops are supported by UMass Lowell’s Career & Co-op Center.

The primary group consists of Professors Monica Galizzi (labor economics), Michelle Haynes-Baratz (organizational psychology), and Beth Humberd and Kimberly Merriman (management). We also benefit from the involvement and support of our colleagues.