CPH-NEW is one of NIOSH's Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health® that offers research-based program toolkit and education to help employers support a health-promoting workplace and a vital, productive workforce. Below is an example of how the center experts are available to assist organizations who are interested in promoting employee health:

  • We offer consultative services and 4 professional development training seminars which were created using the Total Worker Health (TWH) approach. The TWH approach is a concept referring to all aspects of work that contribute to worker safety, health, and well-being. These seminars can be delivered as conference presentations or as professional continuing education courses:

Getting Started with TWH (1-hour seminar)

This seminar introduces TWH practices to enhance worker safety and well-being by making connections between work and non-work contributors to poor health. Identify practical action steps to introduce TWH practices into your workplace.

Introduction to the Healthy Workplace Participatory Program Toolkit (1-hour seminar)

Learn about the CPH-NEW Healthy Workplace Participatory Program (HWPP), and its online toolkit designed to integrate solutions systematically to increase worker engagement and address barriers to health.

Getting Ready to Implement TWH (1-2 hour workshop)

Is your organization ready to implement a TWH program? Complete an organizational readiness self-assessment and build an action plan to successfully implement a TWH program.

Learn how to Facilitate the Healthy Workplace Participatory Program (1 day workshop)

The CPH-NEW Healthy Workplace Participatory Program (HWPP) toolkit has been field tested and shown to enhance employee participation, a key element of a sustainable TWH program. This in-depth, hands on training will allow participants to practice using the toolkit materials. Participants will role-play as a "Design Team" to generate interventions to specific concerns impacting employee safety, health and well-being. Training activities can fulfill requirements for professional continuing education.

Email: cphnew@uml.edu to learn more about these services.