Gender Differences in Occupational Health Risks and Health Behaviors among Correctional Nurses

Principal Investigator: Mazen El Ghaziri, Ph.D., MPH, RN

Mazen El Ghaziri will characterize the occupational exposures and outcomes of male registered nurses in the Connecticut correctional healthcare workforce. The study will use a mixed-methods approach, combining surveys and interviews to compare gender differences in occupational exposures, role expectations, and health behaviors. The results will help identify interventions to reduce occupational health risks and promote the health and well-being of correctional nurses. The study will also inform strategies to improve utilization of the "EMPOWER" peer mediation program. 

Does Work Perception Matter? A Study of the Relationship between Work Psychosocial Factors and Worksite Wellness Program Participation

Principal Investigator: Mahboobeh Ghesmaty Sangachin, Ph.D. Candidate, SUNY Buffalo

"Interactive effects of work psychosocial factors on participation in workplace wellness programs" (2018) - Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health  

Employees' perceptions of common job stressors, such as job demands, job control, social support, and work-life interference play a significant role in forming mental and physical wellbeing. Mahboobeh Ghesmaty Sangachin will administer an employee-based survey to investigate the relationship between perceived workplace psychosocial factors and worksite wellness program (WWP) participation. Survey participants reporting highest and lowest appraisals of job stressors will then participate in focus groups to explore the direction of the effects. For example, do employees who report high stress say they are more or less likely to participate in worksite wellness program activities? The results will provide insights on ways to leverage these associations in order to increase employee engagement in WWPs.