Arlene Parquette is the Associate Vice Chancellor, Industry Partnerships & Economic Development at UMass Lowell.

Contact Arlene Parquette to learn more about the different models of research collaboration and opportunities for industry alliances and partnerships.

We can also direct you to the right place if you are interested in customized training for your workforce, co-ops for students, sponsorship opportunities, entrepreneurship resources and career services.

Arlene Parquette
Associate Vice Chancellor, Industry Partnerships & Economic Development
Phone: 978-934-4881

Corporate Engagement

  • Eric Evans
    Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR)
    Industry Partnership & Economic Development
  • Cheryl Gomes
    Technical Program Manager
    Industry Partnerships and Economic Development, HEROES

    Fibers, textiles, and textile products; program management; budget planning and revenue forecasting; proposal preparation

  • Claire Lepont
    Senior Technical Program Manager; Doctoral Student: Entrepreneurship
    Office of Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, FDC & HEROES

    Nano-composites, Coatings, Transparent conductive electrodes, Organic photo-voltaic, Collaborative research between faculty members, Industry and Government partners.