UMass Lowell follows a standard process for responding to formal complaints of sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment of all types, including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking, is prohibited at UMass Lowell. The Office of Student Conduct works with concerns involving only students. Equal Opportunity and Outreach works with concerns regarding employees, vendors, visitors and others. As of August 14, 2020, the Title IX process for review of complaints of sexual harassment is the same, regardless of the roles of the individuals involved.

Sex discrimination and sexual misconduct of other forms, such as different treatment based on sex, or unwelcome sexual behavior that creates a hostile environment, are addressed according to the Equal Opportunity Complaint process (pdf). Please see Nondiscrimination vs. Title IX Process for more information. 

Equal Opportunity and Outreach,, phone: 978-934-3565, has oversight of all matters regarding sex discrimination, sexual harassment and Title IX.

You are welcome to bring an advisor with you when sharing your concerns.

Reporting sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking to the Title IX Coordinator or Equal Opportunity and Outreach, Student Conduct, Counseling Services, Health Services, or to the UMass Lowell Police Department will give the opportunity of providing support resources to you. You may decide whether you wish to file a formal complaint after your requests for support and information. If you decide to file a formal complaint, you will be asked to meet with a Title IX investigator.

You may also report a concern online. When doing so, providing your identifying information is optional. If you do not provide your name or meet with a Title IX investigator to file a formal complaint, the university's ability to provide you with support resources and to review your concerns may be limited.

Please see the UMass Lowell Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure (pdf) for a description of reporting options, both confidential and non-confidential. The Procedure also describes the process the university follows for responding to formal complaints of sexual harassment filed on or after August 14, 2020.

For visual overviews of the university's sexual harassment response process steps for a formal complaint investigation, hearing, and optional appeal, please click the links below.

Report a Concern Online

There are multiple ways for faculty, staff, students and visitors to share concerns regarding inappropriate behavior or actions. You can do so online, by phone, in person or anonymously. For all your reporting options, visit the Report a Concern page. 

If you have a disability or limited English proficiency and need reasonable accommodations or language services to file a complaint or to access the university’s programs or activities, please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Outreach at 978-934-3565. 

Our office reviews online and phone reports between 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. If this is an emergency, please contact the UMass Lowell Police Department at 978-934-4911. Officials with Authority must report concerns of which they learn within 24 hours.