July 2023 Virtual GE2 Workshop Idea Pitch Contest Winners

A total of eighteen teams developed idea pitches for their innovative venture ideas. Thanks to all that participated!

First Place: Modern Optical Store - Helping people to choose appropriate glasses that fit their appearance.

  • Theda Hout, Ly Muyeng, Sonthari Dilen Keam, Arrianna Mahase, Sokheng Lai, Mona Lin, Sdar Ly

Second Place: Mentalverse - Mental health care in the metaverse.

  • Ayaka Tomita, Shaun Hallion, Arthur Murray, Ryo Nakamura, Jawad Ali

Third Place: Dining Pal - A student centric application for university dining services.

  • Gabriel Asmar

July 2022 Virtual GE2 Workshop Idea Pitch Contest Winners

First Place: MyHealth

  • Sai Praveen Kondapalli, Hanyu Du, Yu Yan, Chang Gao, Ganesh Gollakoti

Second Place: AI Based Application in the Medical Cosmetology Industry

  • Jinhua Yan, Mariko Sugiyama, Rooby Denaud, Colleen Vazquez, Chiyako Yamano

Third Place: Training Quality Workers for Developing Countries to Support a Growing Economy

  • Atsuko Tsutsumi, Sarah Elie, Alexandre Bosoni, Eri Sobu

July 2021 Virtual GE2 Workshop Idea Pitch Contest Winners

Students learned entrepreneurship concepts, received mentoring, conducted customer discovery work, assembled a global venture plan, and participated in a venture pitch contest.

First Place: Borrowing Bollywood

  • Nabihah Khalid, Nimra Khalid, Arjun Arora, Gagandeep Singh Rana, Sai Praveen Kondapalli, Nan Su Su Naing, Temidayo Eniola

Second Place: PPE Accessibility

  • Sahil Puri, Samhitha Aniam, Rabia Tas

Third Place (tie): Online Jewelry Store

  • Yovchhean Fu, Bhavin Shah

Third Place (tie): Supply Chain for Rural Healthcare

  • Saurabh Bhosale, K Uday Radhesh, Shalaka Sajane, Rothika Y

March - April 2021 Virtual GE2 Workshop

As a follow up to the summer 2020 workshop, GE2 conducted an extended, 6-week workshop in March and April 2021. Over 100 participants from nine countries met on Saturday mornings to learn essentials of entrepreneurship and innovation. UMass Lowell faculty discussed four key modules on Essentials; Business Model Design & Venture Concept; Customer, Market & Competition; and, Financing a Venture. Fifteen teams were formed and worked on their ideas. UMass Lowell faculty provided mentoring guidance. The last session was a highlight of the workshop when three speakers discussed entrepreneurship ecosystems in their countries: India, China, and the US. Winners of Idea Pitch Contests were announced after a panel discussion.

July 2020 Virtual GE2 Workshop

Read about how the UMass Lowell Virtual GE2 Summer Workshop provided a unique learning experience about entrepreneurship: Here's How 640 Entrepreneurs Respond to a Pandemic by Ed Brennen.

The Virtual GE2 Workshop was held from July 13 to 17, 2020. Over 640 students and faculty from over 20 countries registered for the workshop. An Idea Pitch Contest was announced to those who wished to pursue a Certificate Track. 185 students in 45 teams competed in the Contest! The top three teams were awarded cash prizes. Here is a look at some innovative ideas from the Pitch Contest.

Congratulations to the Idea Pitch Contest winners, and all the teams that participated!