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Global Entrepreneurship Exchange (GE2)

The Global Entrepreneurship Exchange (GE2) is a strategic program within the Manning School of Business.

The GE2 was established to develop and promote global partnerships and collaborations between the Manning School of Business and leading international institutions in entrepreneurship education and research. Several GE2 activities have been underway:

Future plans include the development of both a faculty exchange and faculty research.


Thank You to Our Virtual GE2 Idea Pitch Contest Sponsors and Supporters

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Jaishree and Desh Deshpande

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Virtual Global Entrepreneurship Exchange

The Award Winning Global Entrepreneurship Exchange (GE2) launched a very successful Virtual Workshop in July 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, scheduled on-site workshops in Lowell had to be cancelled. In its place, a virtual workshop was scheduled which created significant interest among many universities, and also high schools, around the Globe. With such high interest, GE2 will continue to offer its workshops in virtual format two to four times a year, starting in Spring 2021. These virtual workshops will be offered over an extended period and will include Idea Pitch and Global Venture Plan Contests, in-depth discussions of other relevant topics such as lean Launchpad, customer discovery, lean startup, design thinking, and team building. Visit this site for updates and schedules.