Rubric Container

What is a Rubric?

A rubric is a scoring guide that helps scorers evaluate student performance, based on a range of criteria. A rubric lists the criteria, or characteristics, that student work should exhibit and describes specific quality levels for those criteria.

How is a rubric structured?

All of the rubrics used in the Assurance of Learning Process have been developed by the various Program Committees and the faculty involved for the learning goal.

The left side of a rubric lists the criteria for the expected performance. Across the top of the rubric is the rating scale that provides a set of values for rating the quality of performance for each criterion. Descriptors under the rating scale provide examples or concrete indicators for each level of performance. 

MSF Rubrics
MSE RubricsMSBA Rubrics
1. Disciplinary Knowledge Skills
2. Communication and Research Skills
3. Analytical Skills
4. Risk Management Skills
1. Disciplinary Knowledge Skills
5. Venture Financing Skills
1. Analytical Skills
2. Communication Skills
3. Global Awareness
4. Ethical Reasoning Skills
5. Team Management Skills