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For Students

Student Voice Services

Voice Services offers basic telecommunications functions in each residence hall. Campus dial tone is provided to each living quarters, complete with voice mail capabilities.

The extension number can be dialed directly from the outside by dialing the traditional 10-digit number. Only one connection is provided per bedroom and this connection has a local dialing plan. Students are required to provide telephones for their rooms, as telephones are not supplied by the University. For security reasons, the extension number can be obtained through the residence life department.

Need to Know

Having trouble with your voice services? Don't know how to resolve the problem? Using your computer, create your own IT service desk ticket here: IT Service Desk.

Your analog telephone gives you access to the UMass Lowell voice mail system. To initially access your voice mail, dial ext. 45000 (or 978-934-5000) from your analog phone in your residential hall. The first time you access your voice mail you will be walked through a tutorial on how to change your greeting and password. To determine if you have voice mail, simply lift the handset, you will hear a "stutter dial tone" as an audible indicator. You may also dial 978-934-5000 to access your campus voice mail from your cell phone or any other off-campus phone.

Campus Wide Alert Notification System

By logging into the myAlert system you may enter your cell phone number to receive a text message when alerts happen on campus. These alerts can be for when the campus is shut down for any reason. You may also enter your email address or home phone for alert notification.

Emergency Phones on Campus

An emergency telephone network has been in place since 2005. Along with over 120 strategically placed emergency blue phones throughout the University that ring directly to campus police, we have an updated e911 system that can pinpoint exact locations of each phone when a 911 call is initiated. Lowell Police are called when a 911 call is placed, while simultaneously alerting campus police of the emergency in progress.