TEAL classrooms now available on North and South campus

An instructor stands in front of a podium speaking to the class, students are sitting at different stations numbered, four are shown. At each station is a large screen monitor on the wall with a yellow background and the number of the station above the screen.

TEAL Classrooms

The university’s new Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) classrooms encourage team-based active learning by making it easier for students to collaborate and participate in group work.

Each TEAL classroom — there are two at Olsen Hall on North Campus and one in Coburn Hall on South Campus — is equipped with tables for six (referred to as “pods”) along the room’s perimeter. Each pod is centered around a 55-inch touchscreen monitor. Students wirelessly connect their laptops, tablets or phones to their group’s pod to collaborate on work.

Read more about the TEAL classrooms in the UML Opens New Doors on Active Learning Classrooms news story.

Interested in teaching in a TEAL classroom? Request to Teach in a TEAL classroom.

You will receive a response to your request from the Registrar’s Office within 3 business days. Please note that room assignments are tentative; the Registrar’s Office reserves the right to update room assignments at any time to accommodate ADA requirements, etc.

If a full semester is more than you need, you can reserve TEAL classrooms for one (or more) ad-hoc class periods. Ad-hoc reservations are available after the add/drop period each semester when the academic scheduling blackout has been removed. This is a great way to add team-based active learning methods to your syllabus without committing to a full semester. 

Login to BookIt to reserve any one of the TEAL Classrooms, currently located in:

  • Olsen Hall, Room 330 (64 seats)
  • Olsen Hall, Room 322 (34 seats)
  • Coburn Hall, Room G50 (36 seats)

Once you reserve a TEAL classroom using BookIt, please email: classrooms@uml.edu to request a one-hour tutorial on how to use the TEAL equipment. Please provide a few meeting options, prior to the reservation, in your email.