Entering its centennial year, National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) is the oldest and the third biggest comprehensive research-based national university in Taiwan. Consisting of ten colleges with complete departments, NCHU cultivates its students' basic skills and core competencies such as professional knowledge and skills, reflection and innovation, teamwork, local concern, and global thinking.

Available Terms

  • Summer Intersession
Entrance to National Chung Tsing University with those words written in English and Taiwanese on a white arch with trees behind it.

Course Offerings

NCHU offers several summer programs for non-credit in which participants can learn from professors around the world! This short term summer program offers experiential learning opportunities in fields such as management, law, political science, engineering, social sciences, and physics. For more information please visit the NCHU course information page.

Study Abroad Fee

NOTE: This is a Reciprocal Exchange Program. This means that for semester programs, housing and meal plans will be paid to the host institution but tuition, fees and other expenses will be paid to UML. For summer or winter programs all fees will be paid to the host institution and not to UMass Lowell (UML).

The Campus

Taichung City hosts unique and diversified leisure spaces. It is comfortable and pleasant to live in without the extreme housing prices of larger cities. Taichung City takes pride in its convenient lifestyle and has the characteristics of both urban and rural areas. Taichung City is famous for its business models that integrate food, culture, and creativity.

Exploring Taiwan

Taiwan is surrounded by the sea with a rich marine ecosystem. The beauty of the ocean can be experienced from the island’s coastal areas and its offshore islands. Taiwan has nine national parks, and each one has its unique landscapes. You may experience the natural wonders at different altitudes and latitudes, be it a volcano, mountain, ocean, or wetland.


How to Apply

If this program interests you and you wish to apply, visit the Study Abroad Portal for more information and to apply for eligibility and approval to participate.