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Exchange Opportunities

UMass Lowell has academic partnerships with 136 universities in 45 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, North America, South America and Australia. Our international collaborations and partnerships enhance the quality of education that we provide to our students. These partnerships offer our students meaningful and substantive international learning experiences, including traditional study abroad, research, internships and experiential learning.

Exchange Opportunities

UMass Lowell

Students can study abroad on an Exchange program through one of the many international partner universities. Students are encouraged to speak with the Office of Study Abroad & International Experiences regarding the options as some are major-specific. Below are two examples of Exchange opportunities. Students can view more Exchange options on our searchable directory by searching 'UMass Lowell programs' on this study abroad website.


Center for Irish Partnership

  • Summer: The International Summer School, at Queen's University Belfast in Northern Ireland, offers a three-week program in late July and early August. You will study Irish history, politics, literature, music and culture with some of the top professors in Ireland. You will tour historic sites, visit the Parliament and the north coast of the island. Upon completion of the course, you will receive three (3) UMass Lowell credits. The cost is approximately $2500 which includes accommodations in the Village, Queen's renowned student residence, and all program costs and some of the tours. (Prices subject to change based on currency exchange)
  • Fall: Spend the fall term at Queen's University studying Irish politics, history, sociology and anthropology. A community internship may be added. The term runs from late September to mid-December. Earn 12-15 credits, stay in the student Village and see the island. Tuition and accommodations are approximately $9600; food costs are extra - learn more. (Prices subject to change based on currency exchange).
  • Spring: For a very different academic experience, study in West Belfast's St. Mary's University. Located on the historic Falls Road, learn Irish history, politics and culture. As part of your studies, you will intern in the West Belfast community and explore first-hand the process of conflict resolution. The term begins in early January and runs until May. Estimated tuition and accommodations are approximately $3000. Food and utility costs are extra. (Prices subject to change based on currency exchange)

UMass System – Germany

Hessen, Germany Exchange Program:

  • Programs to: Hessen, Germany
  • Excellent program that is very affordable due to exchange agreement.