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Internships For-Credit

Students receive 3-12 credits for a full-time internship, with prior departmental approval. Students must apply for internships and pay a program fee to the program partner with whom they are applying. All credit earned while abroad is transferable to the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Internships for Non-Credit

Students gain experience in their field, but elect not to receive credit, and are targeted toward students wishing to strengthen their skill set in an international setting. These opportunities are typically available to upperclassmen or graduates and are unpaid. Participants may have to pay a program fee to the program partner with whom they apply.

Internship + Study Abroad Combination

Students take a full course load, 12-15 credits, in addition to a part-time internship during their time abroad. These internships may count for a course worth 3-6 credits, or may be not-for-credit depending on the program. The internship acts as a supplemental learning opportunity, coupled with standard courses, to maximize student growth.