Organizational Development

Improve your departmental operations by working with Employee Learning, Engagement and Development. We are here to facilitate your success and help you discover answers, solutions, and actions to create and sustain a collaborative and inclusive culture.

Coaching Topics include:

  • Team Strengthening
  • Visioning and Strategic Planning
  • Engaging and Motivating Employees
  • Delivering Feedback
  • Holding Difficult and Crucial Conversations
  • Coaching others for Success
  • Building Respect and Inclusion in the Workplace

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation
If you are planning a departmental retreat, large group, or organizational meeting, we can guide you in the design of an effective agenda to meet your goals for the event.  We can help you identify tolls and processes  for effective group participation and interaction.

Making Meetings Work
We can help you evaluate the current success of your meetings and recommend strategies for improvement.  We can provide coaching or assistance in meeting development, facilitation, and evaluation.

Retreat Planning and Facilitation
From team building activities to goal setting and starting planning, we can assist you in the development and facilitation of highly interactive and productive retreats. We provide ideas and assistance for ice-breakers, small group activities and group problem-solving.

If you would like to learn more about how Employee Learning, Engagement and Development can assist you, please reach out to Lee Ann Alden, Senior Director of Employee Learning, Engagement and Development.