Strategies for Leaders: Managing Employees Working Remotely

TIPS – 3 C’s of remote Leadership

  • Clarity: Prioritize the development of clear boundaries and guidelines.  Delineated availability: when they will be working, how they can be reached for different needs; childcare challenges etc.  Share new and measurable metrics of success – don’t worry about what is being done – concentrate on what is being accomplished.  Clarify and re-clarify goals and roles.
  • Communication: The successful managers are good listeners, communicate trust and respect, inquire about workload and progress without micromanaging, and err on the side of over communicating.”  Ask what have you done? What are you working on? Where do you need help?  Make sure to have touch points with everyone on your team regularly.
  • Connection: It will be up to leaders to keep these connections strong. Video conferencing and dedicating a few minutes at the beginning to each meeting to ask questions – what are your weekend plans?  It is important to foster and maintain team morale.

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UMass Lowell Employee Assistance Program (CompPsych)

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a UMass Lowell-sponsored program to provide employees with confidential assistance with stress, substance abuse, family concerns and other personal problems. This program is managed by ComPsych.

GIC Health Benefits and the COVID-19 Outbreak

The Group Insurance Commission (GIC) provides several resources to help members cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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UMass Lowell Resources to Support Online Learning

If your work demands permit, you may want to utilize available time to your own professional development. Consider taking this time to “upskill” yourself on the various software packages we routinely use on campus (Microsoft Office Suite, etc.) and on other technology resources that are supported by the university. In addition to these resources, UMass Lowell offers online learning through LinkedIn Learning that includes interactive learning modules on more than 16,000 topics. We encourage you to take advantage of this online learning resource.