UMass Lowell Police Department (UMLPD)

The UMass Lowell Police Department is a full service police department with 30 sworn officers. UMLPD operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing patrol, investigation, specialized and emergency response, as well as crime prevention and educational services

UMass Lowell Alert

UMass Lowell Alert provides a single location to find out about emergencies, storm information, facility impacts or road conditions.

Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities

The Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities is dedicated to utilizing best practices in order to promote an environment conducive to learning and development, without tolerance for disruptive behaviors. With the guiding principles of integrity, equity, and fairness, we strive to develop students into an informed and active citizenry.

The primary manner in which the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities works to keep campus safe is through fair and equitable enforcement of the Student Conduct Code. It’s a shared expectation that students will adhere to the Code both for their well-being and to protect every student’s access to an education.

What happens if a student violates the Code?

  • The student will be notified that they have allegedly violated the Student Conduct Code and provide a time no sooner than two (2) business days, in accordance with the student’s academic calendar, for a Campus Conduct Conference. This notification will be in writing sent through University email.
  • A Conduct Officer will be selected to investigate the matter and make a determination as to whether the Code has been violated and determine sanctions, if applicable. Any decision in the process will be made on a preponderance of evidence standard.
  • Students will be notified in writing of the outcome and sanctions, if applicable. Students have the option to appeal the outcome, based on specific criteria outlined in the Code.
  • In certain instances, cases will be moved to a Live Hearing Panel following an initial investigation. This procedure will be utilized for the most significant violations of the Conduct Code that could lead to removal from the residence halls, suspension, or expulsion from the University. Detailed explanation of this process will be provided in the updated Conduct Code.

How can I support my student through the Student Conduct Process?

  • Encourage them to read the Conduct Code before coming to campus. Or better yet, read it over with them and talk about what questions or concerns they have.
  • The Conduct Code is intended to keep campus safe. If something happens to your student, have a conversation with them about reporting to Student Conduct so that we can support them.
  • If your student is alleged to have violated policy, advise them to consider having a support person accompany them to their meeting.
  • Embolden them to ask questions of University administrators. Student Conduct is focused on keeping campus safe but also the personal development of each student involved.