The Solution Center

The Solution Center is a student service center that is available to assist with questions related to registration, financial aid, and student billing. You can reach the Solution Center team via phone, email, or by stopping by the office in University Crossing. The Solution Center also offers comprehensive online self-service assistance through their website.

Student Employment Office

The Student Employment Office (SEO) manages the university’s student employment programs, including work study. The SEO maintains a listing of both on and off campus employment opportunities through the JobHawk job database.


Scholarships are gift aid to students that do not need to be repaid. There is a variety of scholarships available to students. Students can search the scholarship listings to find ones that they would be eligible for.

Cost Planner

It is strongly recommended that your student has their financial plan finalized before the start of each semester. The Solution Center developed an interactive cost planner that is available to assist you with this process.

Important Things to Know

Student Billing: UMass Lowell does not provide paper copies of student invoices. Your student will receive an email notification to view their first invoice prior to the fall semester and each time a new invoice is available.

Financial Aid: If your student completed their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), they should have received a notification of their financial aid award. If they have not received a financial aid award, please have them contact the Solution Center. If your student has not completed the FAFSA but plans to utilize financial aid, please ensure they complete the application as soon as possible. The FAFSA must completed each year by the university’s priority deadline, March 1st.

Financial Aid Federal Verification: Federal verification is the process to confirm the accuracy of the data reported on the FAFSA. If your student is selected for verification, their financial aid award is not finalized until they complete the verification process. A notification is sent to advise them to log in to their Financial Aid portal to view and complete the required documents. They can also review their To Do list in their Student Center for outstanding items.

Student Health Insurance: Massachusetts state law requires that all students be enrolled in a health insurance plan that meets the comparable benefits established by the Commonwealth. If your student has coverage under a comparable benefit plan, they must complete the waiver form in their Student Center after they receive their first invoice for the fall semester. Students must complete the waiver process according to the published deadline each year.

Student Information System (SIS): Before your student begins their journey at UMass Lowell, it is important that they become familiar with the university’s student information system, “SiS”, to learn how to navigate through their Student Center. Students use SiS to conduct most student business, including registering for classes, viewing grades, requesting transcripts and enrollment verifications, reviewing their academic advising report, accessing billing statements, financial aid awards, and updating their personal contact information.

Student Email Account: Every student is provided with a student email address which is used for all official university communications, including notices regarding registration, billing, and financial aid. It is very important that your student check their university email address on a daily basis to ensure they have received all notifications regarding their student record and other campus-wide communications.