Rebecca Farnham Singing

It is expected that students will spend extensive time in preparation for the entrance audition.  Private instrumental or vocal instruction is critical!  Students auditioning must demonstrate sufficient technical and musical skill on an instrument or voice to provide evidence of readiness to undertake college level instruction and show the ability to read music proficiently.

  1. Scales – Demonstrate major and harmonic minor scales.
    Students will be assessed on the degree to which they possess a working knowledge of their instrument, which scales they can play when asked, technical facility, and intonation.
    • Guitarists/bassists are strongly encouraged to use different positions (fingerings).
    • Percussionists will be asked to play their scales on the marimba or other pitched mallet instrument.
  2. Perform two prepared works, of the student’s choosing, in contrasting styles.
    At least one piece must be accompanied by a score; a copy of which should be given to the adjudicator at the audition. One of the pieces may be an original composition, however, this is optional. Students will be assessed on accuracy, technical facility, musicality and expressiveness.
    • Percussionists are encouraged to play a snare drum solo of at least intermediated difficulty, i.e., Intermediate Snare Drum by M. Peters.
  3. Adapt to adjudicator prompts.
    Student will re-perform an except from their prepared pieces, adopting advice from the adjudicator.  Other impromptu musical instructions may be given. Students will be assessed on whether they are able to comfortably and quickly adapt musically.
  4. Pitch Matching.
    Students will match 5 random pitches played on any pitched instrument.
  5. Respond to a few short interview questions.
    The department would like to know more about the mindset and motivations of the student.  Questions may include, “What are your future career goals?” Or, “Why do you think the music program at UMass Lowell would be a good fit for you?”