Employer in residence 2019

An employer in residence is explaining to a group of students how the program works

“I understand more where I need to look and start to get my career path off the ground.”
“I feel like I now have new questions to think about when looking into jobs.”
“The most useful piece of information Mr. Driscoll offered me was there are so many great places to work in this area, but it’s important to be able to step out of your comfort zone and reach out to people and make connections.”
“This event was a major help for me moving forward trying to advance my career.”

The quotes above are just some of the comments from our economics students after meeting with John Driscoll, an equity trader in Fidelity’s asset management division, who was on campus as part of UMass Lowell’s Employer in Residence program. John has had a varied and interesting career after earning his bachelor’s degree and introduced our students to career opportunities in the financial sector.

Since 2017 the department of Economics has collaborated with the UMass Lowell Careers Services to bring the Employer in Residence Program to our Economics majors. Employers representatives spend one whole day at the department meeting individually with students and faculty and then addressing all our majors. They describe their working day, their company, potential careers opportunities, as well as their personal journeys that led to their current professional role. In 2017 the department was visited by Jenny Tang from the Boston Federal Reserve Bank who introduced our students to her work as an economist conducting macroeconomic and finance research within the Fed. In 2018 it was the turn of Marissa Hashizume who described her work as an Economic Research Analyst at Abt Associates, Inc., a global research firm focusing on health, social policy and international development.

This very successful program allows our students to network with professionals in their chosen discipline offering valuable guidance and encouragement. For her role in expanding the program in the economics field, Chair Monica Galizzi was one of the members of the Employer in Residence Team to be recognized and awarded the UMass Lowell 2018 Pillars of Excellence Award for “Transformational Education.”