The Animation and Interactive Media concentration at UMass Lowell provides students with the education they need to be successful professionals in the field of animation and interactive media.
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B.F.A. with Concentration in Animation and Interactive Media

Through a diligent sequence of core courses (degree pathway), students are introduced to the language of several disciplines and various fields of studies in Transmedia Arts. Whether they focus on web design, animation or interactive media, UML students will greatly benefit from this concentration, which covers a wide variety of skills including visual imagery, critical thinking, problem solving, and new technology methodologies.

Animation and Interactive Media are vibrant and rapidly evolving fields of cultural production. Both of these disciplines play key roles in art (video, installation, net art, etc.), design (user experience, interaction), entertainment (films, games), and communication and journalism (infographics and data visualization). Animation and Interactive Media are two sides of the same coin: the former focusing on time-based narratives and emotional communication and the later involving user feedback and affect. Combining the two disciplines will make each practice stronger and prepare students to become animators, game designers, communicators, and artists.

Assignments focus on sequential imagery techniques as well as interactivity in arts and as arts. In addition to the core courses students can take advantage of courses in web design, motion graphics, animation, interactive design, graphic design, game design, data visualization and advanced independent studies.

The final year, students focus on their capstone project either in animation, interactive media or a combined project. The Senior Studio project is a year-long exploration where students create a self-directed project that reflects their talent and skills using our state-of-the art facilities. In addition, students develop their online portfolio and resume. The capstone project results in excellent portfolios that prepare students for today’s rapidly evolving art world and technology.

Beyond the Classroom

Internships that provide real-world experience are required for all graduates. Study abroad opportunities provide additional learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

Professions in Animation & Interactive Media

The Animation & Interactive Media concentration prepares students for careers in the animation industry, film studios, web design, interactive design, app design, game design, and motion graphics.