SUMMIT Reporting Login

SUMMIT is a web-based tool that delivers PeopleSoft data both quickly and easily through customized graphs and tables. SUMMIT is the enterprise reporting tool currently used to support Finance and Human Resources. It will eventually include Student (SiS) and Advancement data. As a SUMMIT user, you have access to your day-to-day processes.

For additional information, see the SUMMIT overview page.

Training Information

Whether you are an experienced user or entirely new to SUMMIT, you are invited to SUMMIT Training Sessions for Finance users. This hands-on training will focus on access to the Finance System dashboards that support department administrators, managers, and PIs. Training is conducted by the Controller’s Office. Email: for additional information, comments or questions.

You can register for SUMMIT Training via email: All trainings are virtual.

Tuesday, Sept. 13, 20229-10:30 a.m.Virtual
Wednesday, Oct. 12, 20223-4:30 p.m.Virtual
Monday, Nov. 14, 20229-10:30 a.m.Virtual
Friday, Dec. 16, 20223-4:30 p.m.Virtual
Thursday, Jan. 12, 20239-10:30 a.m.Virtual
Wednesday, Feb. 15, 20233-4:30 p.m.Virtual
Monday, March 13, 20239-10:30 a.m.Virtual
Tuesday, April 11, 20233-4:30 p.m.Virtual
Friday, May 12, 20239-10:30 a.m.Virtual
Thursday, June 15, 20233-4:30 p.m.Virtual
Wednesday, July 12, 20239-10:30 a.m.Virtual
Monday, August 14, 20233-4:30 p.m.Virtual

General Aids

FunctionTest Resources
Department Management DashboardSUMMIT Overview (pdf)
SUMMIT Quick Reference GuideQuick Reference Guide Job Aid (pdf)
Setting a Default DashboardSetting a Default Dashboard Job Aid (pdf)
Facilities DashboardFacilities Dashboard Job Aid (pdf)
Exporting to ExcelExporting to Excel Job Aid (pdf)
Updating Trusted Sites in IEUpdating Trusted Sites in IE Job Aid (doc)
Clearing Cache in FirefoxClearing Cache in Firefox Job Aid (pdf)
Clearing Cache in IE 9/10Clearing Cache in IE 9/10 Job Aid (pdf)

UMass Amherst SUMMIT Screencasts
Watch and listen to brief screencasts, which demonstrate and teach the use of SUMMIT.
While the screencasts were prepared by the Amherst campus, SUMMIT is a tool used by all campuses.
UMass Lowell users should still find these brief screencasts helpful. Email: with any questions.