Tutoring Services are offered in person, with some remote options as well. Come on in to our centers to meet with certified peer tutors in a drop-in setting. Tutoring starts the first week of each semester and you will be able to find our offerings here on the Tutoring Schedule webpage.

The searchable Tutoring Schedule is live, and may reflect changes daily, so please be sure to check in throughout the semester. For any issues, please contact by email: David_Driscoll@uml.edu or email: Todd_Borchers@uml.edu.

Academic Advising: Advising and coaching appointments will continue during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.) You are always welcome to ask advising questions via our email: advisement@uml.edu or by calling us at 978-934 2936.

We hope to see you soon!

Tutoring plays an important role in academic success. Students in every discipline at the University can benefit from tutoring support virtually. Faculty-recommended peer tutors provide assistance in over 100 courses and the Write Place tutors assist students in every major.

Tutors clarify concepts in gateway and high-risk courses; students participate in review sessions and in facilitated study groups that are guided by faculty. Students may also review specific course material or improve skills under the guidance of a peer tutor. This assistance is offered free of charge to UMass Lowell students.


CLASS peer tutors are faculty-recommend and have successfully completed the course(s) they tutor with a grade of B+ (3.3) or higher. Tutors must have recommendations from the professor that taught them in the course in which they would like to tutor. Tutors are not eligible to tutor in courses taken at other institutions or in courses they have received Advanced Placement Credit.

Visit Drop-In Tutoring for current tutoring schedules.

Students interested in becoming a tutor should visit our “Become a Tutor” page that contains academic requirements for becoming a tutor, the tutor application and faculty recommendation forms. All forms can be downloaded and are in a writeable PDF format.

College Reading and Learning Association Certification & NEPTA Conference

The tutoring program at UMass Lowell is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) to recognize peer tutors at three levels: regular, master and advanced.The Tutoring Services at UMass Lowell have a strong connection to the New England Peer Tutoring Association (NEPTA). All tutors are encouraged to attend and present at the annual conference each year.

Winter/Emergency Policy

If the university is closed, all Centers for Learning services will be cancelled. Call 978-934-2121, check the UMass Lowell website or sign up at www.uml.edu/notify for UMass Lowell cancellations.