Meeting with a professional academic advisor is a key component to success at UMass Lowell.

Your professional academic advisor is available to support you with anything you may need while at UMass Lowell. Professional academic advisors facilitate your understanding and purpose of higher education. 
Academic advising with a professional advisor is a collaborative educational process whereby advisors are partners with you in assuring you can meet your academic, personal and career goals. 
What Your Advisor Expects From You:
  • Read all e-mails sent to your UML e-mail account 
  • Make sure your advisor is aware of your academic and personal goals; as well as any responsibilities you have outside of class. 
  • Not hesitate to ask questions – take the initiative!
  • Ask your advisor and faculty for help when you need it. 
What You Should Expect from Your Professional Academic Advisor:
  • Be accessible and share how you can best contact them when you have questions
  • Be a responsive listener
  • Help you explore your interests, goals, abilities, and assist you with replating them to academic majors or minors. 
  • Know and understand campus support systems to be able to get you connected appropriately when needed. 

Need help now or you do not have an advisor listed?

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