Job Description

  • Provide a leadership role in assisting others in achieving their academic goals.
  • Use various learning theories from tutor training to review and explain homework assignments.
  • Develop human communication skills by clarifying academic material with groups of students.
  • Identify organizational skills and strategies to assist students in resolving future academic problems.
  • Role-model effective techniques and tools for achieving higher academic standards.

Job Requirements

  • Overall GPA: Students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA overall, unless they have received special permission by the Executive Director of the Centers for Learning.
  • Tutoring Subject GPA: Students must have a minimum 3.3 (B+) GPA in class you desire to tutor.
  • Recommendations: Each potential tutor must obtain a reference from the professors that taught them for each in which they wish to be a tutor.
  • Training: Attend Fall & Spring training days at the beginning of each term to reach a total of 10 hours of different training topics, complete 25 hours of tutoring, There are 3 levels of establishing tutor excellence: Certified Tutors, Certified Advanced Tutors, or Certified Master Tutors. At the beginning of the spring semester, all tutors can be certified as a tutor. Movement towards Certification as an Advanced or Master Tutor can be obtained in various ways, including attending extra training session offered throughout the year and attendance at the Northeast Peer Tutoring Association (NEPTA) in the spring.

Additional Job Requirements

  • Transfer Credits: Students can only tutor in subjects taken at UMASS Lowell.
  • Graduate Students: If you are a UMASS Lowell graduate student, you may apply to tutor in courses taken as an undergraduate at UMass Lowell; you must still meet the criteria of a 3.0 overall GPA, a 3.3 GPA in any course in which you wish to tutor, and reference from the faculty that taught you in the course with a 3.3 or better GPA in the course.
  • Semester Hours of work: In compliance with the University policy, student staff may work a maximum of 22 hours per week during a semester. In compliance with Departmental Policy, students may work a maximum 29 hours per week during semester breaks and over the summer.
  • International Students: In compliance with Federal regulations, international students may not work more than a total of 20 hours a week during the school year and 29 hours during breaks.

To apply for a position you will need to log into JobHawk which can be found at the Student Employment website.


North Campus
Judith Frank
Phone: 978-454-2456
1 University Ave.
Cumncock Hall Suite 10
Lowell, MA 01854

South Campus
Todd Borchers
Phone: 978-934-2948
61 Wilder St.
First Floor of O'Leary Learning Commons
Lowell, MA 01854