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Population Health Informatics and Technology Minor

The Department of Public Health offers an interdisciplinary minor in Population Health Informatics and Technology.

Population Health Informatics and Technology uses information systems, computer science, and technology to advance public health practice and research. The weaknesses in public health infrastructure, as exposed by COVID-19 pandemic, highlighted the need for increasing the PHIT skills in the workforce. A minor in Population Health Information and Technology will prepare students to address these challenges. This minor will allow students at UMass Lowell to develop basic knowledge about the identification and use of data in the public health field in combination with their undergraduate major and will improve marketability post-graduation.

The minor in Population Health Informatics and Technology consists of 18 credits. At least 6 credits must be completed at the 3000-4000 level.

Required courses (12 credits)

Electives (6 credits)

Students need to work with their advisor to select electives. They cannot take elective courses from the college that houses their major.

College of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Science

Kennedy College of Sciences

Manning School of Business

Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences

For more information, contact the Department of Public Health.