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PUBH.3010 Introduction to Biostatistics (Formerly 19.301)

Id: 038159 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


This course covers the basic tools for the entry, analysis, and presentation of data in al areas of public health. Central to these skills is assessing the impact of chance and variability on the interpretation of research findings subsequent recommendations for public health practice and policy. Specific topics include tools for describing central tendency and variability in data; methods for performing inference on population means and proportions; and statistical hypothesis testing. Software will be used to analyze health datasets, including relational databases and create graphical presentations of study results. Coursework will also focus on the interpretation of statistics in the health science literature and other communication.


ENGL.1020, and MATH.1280, or MATH.1310, or MATH.2830, or MATH.3630.

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