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Aerospace Studies Minor

Aerospace Studies Minor

The Aerospace Studies minor allows students with a passion for aeronautics and/or space sciences to gain a deeper understanding and education in these fields. This minor is open for undergraduate degree programs and is particularly well suited to technical majors such as Mechanical Engineering and Physics. 

The minor in Aerospace Studies consists of 24 credits.

Required Courses (15 credits)

Electives (9 credits)

Students must successfully complete three of the following elective courses in consultation with their minor advisor:

1Sophomore level course, Freshmen may request instructor permission.

2Students may only apply one of these courses to their Aerospace Studies minor and only if approved by their minor advisor.

3This course may only be applied towards the minor by students for whom it is not required as part of their major.

Note: Additional courses may be added by each college to their list of elective courses.

For more information, contact David Willis, program coordinator.