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College of Engineering Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Each candidate for the undergraduate degree must satisfy the general requirements of the University of Massachusetts Lowell in order to graduate. The student must also meet the specific academic requirements of the College of Engineering as indicated in this section, as well as complete all credits and courses required by the department in which the student majors. The number of credits required for the completion of each College of Engineering program is established by the department offering the program.

Courses taken by freshmen entering any engineering discipline are for the most part similar and include calculus, physics, chemistry, college writing, and engineering design.

Introduction to Engineering I (25.107) introduces first-year students to the engineering design process for solving open-ended problems. Introduction to Engineering II (25.108) is department-specific and continues with computer tools and applications to department-specific problems.

Students who have completed their freshman programs with a grade-point average of 2.50 or better automatically qualify for admission to the sophomore program of their choice. Students who fail to achieve that required average will be admitted to the sophomore year of engineering programs only upon the recommendation of appropriate departmental committees.

Please refer to the university grade-point average policy for satisfying retention and graduation requirements.

Individuals who are not granted continued matriculation in the College of Engineering but who satisfy university retention requirements may file for intercollegiate transfer within the university. Students who are dismissed from the College of Engineering and who are ineligible to file for intercollegiate transfer, or who are denied admission to another college following application for intercollegiate transfer, are dismissed from the university.