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Management Minor

Minor in Management for Non-Business Majors

Management is the process of motivating and directing others, individually or in teams, to contribute to the achievement of organizational goals with efficiency and high quality. How to effectively manage, however, is neither easy nor obvious. It requires a broad range of organizational and people-related skills. The Management Minor provides students in majors other than Business with a basic understanding of these processes and dynamics necessary in virtually any goal-focused work system. You will learn what it means to be “organized.” The knowledge and skills acquired from the Management Minor will therefore be of significant value to anyone who has career aspirations that involve management responsibilities in virtually any organization in any industry.

Coursework in the Management Minor will enable you to: 

  • develop the team building, project, negotiation, conflict management and strategic skills that lead to better problem solving and decision making;
  • effectively deal with the complex human resource issues that contemporary managers must face every day; 
  • develop the leadership skills that are so necessary for organizational competitiveness and personal career advancement; 
  • contribute to the growth and development of high performing and sustainable organizations.

Successful completion of this minor will facilitate your progress toward the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree should you choose to apply for admission to that program.

The Management Minor is a 21-credit program consisting of the following courses.

Pre-requisites for Advanced Management Courses (12 credits)

  • ACCT.2010 Accounting/Financial 
  • ECON.2010 Principles of Microeconomics 
  • MGMT.3800 Business Ethics
  • MGMT.3010 Organizational Behavior (pre-req. to the minor’s concentration requirements)

Concentration Requirements (9 credits)

For more information contact the Manning School of Business.