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Graduate Clearance

Graduate Clearance

To apply for Graduation, graduate students must fill out a Declaration of Intent to Graduate (DIG) form and have it approved by their Graduate Coordinator and (if applicable), Thesis/Dissertation Advisor.

The Registrar's Office will verify number of credits, final grades, GPA requirements an if applicable submission of thesis/dissertation prior to awarding the degree.

Additional Requirements for Students Completing a Thesis or Dissertation

All students who are completing a thesis or dissertation must also submit one clean copy (NOT the original) of the signature page for the thesis or dissertation. The signature page must be signed and dated by the thesis/dissertation advisor and all committee members. Copies of the Thesis or Dissertation must be submitted to the Library for binding and microfilming by the deadline date. In addition, doctoral students are required to complete the "Survey of Earned Doctorates" online, you will be emailed the information when your submit your DIG form.