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Course Credit

Course Credit

Maximum Semester Credit Limit 
Graduate Credit for Undergraduate Courses
Undergraduate Credit for Graduate Courses

Maximum-Semester-Credit-LimitMaximum Semester Credit Limit

The usual course load for full-time graduate students is 9 credits/semester. Depending upon the program requirements and abilities of the student, individuals may carry more than 9 credits each semester. However, the absolute maximum number of total credits  (combined undergraduate and graduate) for which a graduate student will be allowed to register is 18 credits/semester. The maximum number of thesis or dissertation credits for which a student may enroll in any semester is nine credits.

UMass Lowell instruction is scheduled during standard 15-week fall and spring semester terms. During the summer/winter terms varying shorter length special programs are available and may be considered as the equivalent to full-time status for the specific time period within a session. This is for enrollment purposes only.

The credit-hour policy, a statement of what students will learn is necessary if credit is based on a demonstration by the student of learning equivalent to that established as the expected product of a period of study corresponding to a time-based credit-hour assignment. The credit-hour standard for the course, and the way that the credit-hour standard is achieved, are communicated to students as part of the course syllabus or equivalent documentation.

Please note: Financial aid, veterans’ benefits or other types of aid define 9 credits for full-time study during the fall/spring terms. The grid below displays how the credit hour is met with shorter time sessions over the summer/winter.

# of weeks# of credit hour(s)# Calculated Credit Hour Needed
11 credit45
22 credits90
33 credits135
44 credits180
55 credits225
66 credits270

Navitas Summer Pathway Program
The University of Massachusetts Lowell (UMass Lowell) offers a 10-week summer session to its Pre Undergraduate and Pre Master’s international students. These students are admitted into a Bachelor’s or Master’s program with the condition of a preparatory semester(s) which could encompass the summer session. The Pre Undergraduate and Pre Master’s summer session consists of intensive academics of 18-22 clock hours per week in English, Mathematics and Cultural Support.

Graduate-Credit-for-Undergraduate-CoursesGraduate Credit for Undergraduate Courses

UMass Lowell courses at the 4000 level are designed for seniors but under certain circumstances may be taken by graduate students for graduate credit. A maximum of 6 credits of 4000 level courses may be used for credit toward the graduate degree with the permission of the degree granting department. Three hundred level courses and below are never counted toward a graduate degree. If a graduate student takes certain undergraduate courses to make up for background deficiencies or to satisfy language requirements, the course credit hours are not used as part of the graduate degree program but will appear on the graduate transcript. 

Undergraduate-Credit-for-Graduate-CoursesUndergraduate Credit for Graduate Courses

A qualified junior or senior may take a course at the 5000 level for undergraduate credit in accordance with the policy and procedures of the department or college in which the course is offered. The grade received in any such course is used in calculating the undergraduate's cumulative grade point average. Counting of graduate credits for both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees is subject to departmental requirements.

At no time may grades computed in an undergraduate GPA be used toward a graduate GPA.