Soccer Tennis will be played at East Campus Recreation Tennis Courts.


Sneakers must be worn.

Athletic shorts/ pants must be worn. No belts, belt loops, exposed drawstrings or zippers are allowed.

No leg or knee braces made of hard, unyielding material is allowed.

No jewelry is allowed. Including earrings, rings, necklaces, watches and bracelets of any kind.

No headwear with a hard surface or exposed knot may be worn. This includes baseball hats, bandannas, do-rags, and stocking caps.

Game balls will be provided for each contest.

Players and Game Timing

  1. Teams should consist of 2 players.
  2. The match shall consist of 3 games to 15 points.
    • Teams must win by 2 points.
    • The first team to win two out of three games will be declared the winner.

Playing Regulations

  1. Start of the Game
    • The game shall start with a rock, paper, scissors to choose to kick off or which side to defend.
    • Teams shall change sides after every game.
  2. Kickoff/Service
    • Kickoffs are used to begin each game and each point.
    • Kickoffs are served from behind the service box line of the tennis court and the ball can land anywhere on the opponent’s side in bounds.
      • Returner must let the ball bounce once in the serve court before being returned.
    • Server has two attempts to execute a kickoff and must play the ball out of his/her hands, whether a volley or drop kick.
    • If a first service does not make it over the net or in bounds, a second service is awarded.
      • Let – any kickoff that hits the net but lands on the opposing side must be repeated.
      • Double Fault – if such an event happens twice, the opposing team receives a point.
    • Ball Contacts
      • Receiving team can touch the ball with a maximum of three times before returning the ball to the opposing team.
      • Each player can only take a maximum of two touches per individual.
      • Players can use any part of their body to touch the ball, with the exception of the hands/arms.
      • Shoulders are not considered part of the arm.
      • The ball is only allowed one bounce per side, but cannot bounce after the first touch.
      • Every time a team commits a fault, the opposing team is awarded a point and the serve.
      • Faults during kickoff:
        • Kickoff is not played from the hands.
        • More than one ground contact is made before kicking off.
        • Server steps onto the playing field during or before kickoff.
        • Service results in a double fault.
        • Kickoff lands outside the playing area.
      • Faults during play:
        • Player uses more than two touches before getting rid of the ball.
        • The ball touches the ground more than once.
        • A team plays the ball and it lands outside the playing field.
        • A team plays the ball into the net.
        • A player touches the net.
        • A player touches the ball with their hand/arm.
        • The ball touches the ground before going over the net.