How do I sign up my intramural team?

Register through the IMleagues website. For more information on IMLeagues and how to register visit: IMLeagues Registration Information. There is a $10 team registration fee for each team that you register. This registration fee must be paid at the Campus Recreation Center in full by the date of the captain's meeting to ensure your team gets games scheduled.

What are the office hours for the Campus Recreation Center?

Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

What if I want to play an Intramural Sport, but I don't have a team?

You can sign up as a free agent and can be added to a team that already exists. Register on the website as a free agent.

Who can play Intramural Sports?

Full-time undergraduate and graduate students, full-time faculty/staff members, and graduate or part-time students who are paying full-time student fees are eligible to participate. Those who cannot participate are continuing education students, part-time faculty/staff, alumni and former students who have not graduated from the university. Further information may be found by looking at the Intramural Policies.

What if you can't play at a designated time slot?

When you register your team you can choose several time slots that your team is not able to play and we will do our best not to schedule your team during those times. If you are scheduled for a game and your team cannot attend, you may choose to default by emailing: at least 24 hours in advance. Your team will take a loss, but will not be charged with a forfeit. Your team will receive a 3.0 for sportsmanship rating instead of a 0 for a forfeited game.

How can I become an Intramural Official? Do I need to know a lot about every sport to officiate?

No experience is necessary to become an Intramural Official-just a love for sports and recreation! Just come to the Campus Recreation Center to fill out an employment application, or complete the on-line employment application. If you are hired as an official all you will need to do is attend the training clinics and we will provide you with all the information you will need. To find out the availability of Intramural positions at Campus Recreation, please email: