The RHSA Roads to Research initiative is crafted to ignite first-generation students' curiosity and passion, presenting a diverse array of engaging research projects poised to enhance their academic journey. This transformative program empowers students with hands-on research experience, offering numerous scholarships to sophomores and above, irrespective of their major, and encourages collaboration with UMass Lowell's esteemed faculty. Students seize the opportunity to cultivate professional skills, accrue practical work experience, and foster invaluable networks. This initiative provides a tangible connection between academic theory and real-world application, offering students a first-hand, hands-on glimpse into their chosen field. Collaborating with faculty members in these research projects not only enriches academic pursuits but also opens doors to a network of professionals and like-minded peers.
Roads to Research positions require that students complete 150 hours of research under the guidance of a faculty member over the course of an academic year and complete a final project that they present to a small audience to celebrate what they accomplished and showcase what they learned. Students who successfully apply for one of these positions and complete the requirements earn a $2,500 tuition scholarship.