Eligibility Requirements

Two young woman and a young man smiling
  • Student can be any major.
  • Student is taking classes full time (so at least 12 credits).
  • Student identifies as a first-generation college student. UMass Lowell identifies a student as being a first-generation college student if neither of their parents/guardians completed a four-year college degree. First-generation identity, however, is often much more complicated than that, and more inclusively defined it refers to anyone who feels like, for whatever reasons, that they are not able to draw on the college-related expertise of someone within their family network who has direct and relevant experience in the U.S. higher education system.
  • Student demonstrates a willingness to be a positive, contributing member of the campus community.


RHSA students will:
  • Tap into their own capabilities to make the most of their time at UMass Lowell and position themselves as potential future leaders on campus and beyond.
  • Discover a supportive community of diverse, exceptional people within the RHSA.
  • Understand and know how to access some of the key student services offered at UMass Lowell (such as the Centers for Learning, Advising, and Student Success, the Wellness Center and the Solution Center).
  • Learn how to handle personal struggles, academic challenges and unexpected setbacks in healthy, productive ways.
  • Choose their courses based on thoughtful reflection about their own interests and goals and on accurate information about their degree program and the core curriculum.
  • Develop a sense of civic duty by giving back to the communities they belong to, including the RHSA, the university and the city of Lowell.


  • A support team made up of committed people who put your needs, your learning, and your well-being first, including access to an academic coach.
  • The opportunity to join an associated Living-Learning Community.
  • A summer program called "First to Launch" for incoming freshmen.
  • Early move-in to on-campus housing.
  • Priority registration for up to your first two years as a student.
  • The possibility to take courses with other RHSA students.
  • Research and learning opportunities with faculty and peers, including mentoring from a dedicated RHSA Faculty Advocate in your department or college.
  • Student-of-the-month recognition program.
  • Scholarship opportunities offered only to students in the RHSA.
  • Free workshops, sessions, and social events offered throughout the year to help students succeed academically and also connect to their fellow RHSA peers.
  • Peer mentoring and support from UKG Peer and Team Leaders.
  • The chance to become an RHSA Peer Leader and streamlined access to other campus leadership training and positions.
  • The opportunity to apply for a year-long faculty, staff or industry personal mentor.
  • A study abroad program offered each spring break and scholarship money to significantly reduce the cost of participating.