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Service Vehicle Permits

Service Vehicle Permits

Any faculty/staff member whose job requires use of a personal vehicle for service-related functions across campus may apply for a Service Vehicle permit, which allows them to park in a Service Vehicle space*. This is NOT for any faculty/staff member who travels between campuses.

*Effective Fall 2015, faculty/staff with a valid Service Vehicle permit will be limited to 60 minutes in a Service Vehicle space.


  • Any approved Service Vehicle must display the hang-tag issued to that vehicle in the rear-view mirror for Parking Ambassadors to clearly see. 
  • If you use more than one vehicle you must have a hang-tag for each vehicle. Each vehicle must also have a valid and current UMass Lowell parking decal. 
  • Service Vehicle hang-tags are to be used only when performing official service-related functions and may not be used for long-term parking. Abuse of this privilege will result in the permanent revoking of the Service Vehicle hang-tag(s). 
  • Service Vehicle hang-tags allow drivers to park in any Service Vehicle parking space while performing service functions. 
  • If a Service Vehicle space is not available, a driver may park in any legal, non-designated parking space. 
  • Service Vehicle hang-tags do not permit drivers to park illegally on city streets such as Standish, University, or Pawtucket.

Service Vehicle Parking Locations:

Lot  Campus  Spaces Available
Bourgeois  East  3
Fox  East  Loading Dock*
Cumnock  North  2
Olsen  North  1
O'Leary South  Loading Dock* 
Solomont Way South  1
South Dining South  Loading Dock* 

*Parking in loading docks is prohibited and for use of loading and unloading only.  Hazard lights should be used when stopped in loading docks and areas.

Application and Approval Process:

  1. E-mail the UCard, Access and Parking Services (UCAPS) office at with the subject "Service Vehicle Request" and the following information:
    • Full name 
    • Department name and location 
    • Job title 
    • Vehicle license plate numbers(s) and state(s) 
    • Succinct description of your job function that requires the use of Service Vehicle spaces.
  2. Your request will be reviewed by the UCAPS office staff, contacting the head of your department if needed.
  3. If approved, your hang-tag(s) will be sent to you via inter-office mail at the location you specified in the e-mail.