Every vehicle requiring a license to operate that is parked in a university parking lot (including the Inn & Conference Center) must have a parking permit. Student parking permits have moved to a virtual format. There is a fine for parking without a permit (see Parking Citations). For your convenience you may apply for a parking permit online by following the link below, and your permit will be delivered to you.

Having a parking permit allows card access for lots; it does not guarantee an available spot. No parking lot access will be provided to students, faculty or staff unless a parking permit is ordered.

Applying for a Parking Decal

All faculty, staff and students may order an annual parking permit in August for the period of Sept. 1 - Aug. 31. For your convenience, you may order your decal on our MyParking self-service website.

You will be prompted for your university e-mail address and password to log into the self-service site. If you have any issues logging in, please contact the Help Desk at 978-934-4357.

Available Parking Permit Options and Costs

Find a full list of options on our Options & Costs page.

  1. All permits, whether faculty, staff, or visitor, should be attached with their own sealant to the lower right hand corner of the driver's side rear window. Students will be issued virtual parking permits that are tied to their license plate.
  2. Motorcycle/moped permits should be attached to the license plate of the vehicle.
  3. Temporary and handicapped permits must be linked to the license plate of the vehicle.
  4. Parking permits are not transferable to other vehicles.
  5. When a parking permit is lost or stolen, it is the responsibility of the driver to obtain a replacement. Replacements are subject to a $20 replacement fee.
  6. When a vehicle is sold, traded or otherwise replaced, a new parking permit must be obtained. If the old permit is removed from the vehicle and returned to the UCAPS office, it will be exchanged for a new one at no cost. If the old permit is not turned in, there is a $20 replacement fee. Virtual parking permits will be voided/unlinked from the license plate of the old vehicle and issued to the new vehicle at no cost.

Temporary, Guest and Service Vehicle Permits

Any faculty/staff or student that will have a vehicle on campus for a short period of time must obtain at least a temporary permit. This applies to substitute vehicles when a registered vehicle is being repaired, any loaned vehicle, or any other vehicle from any source being driven or parked on campus. More information is available on our temporary permit webpage.

Any visitor or guest at the University is required to register their vehicle with the UCAPS office located in University Crossing, 220 Pawtucket St. Please find more information on our visitor permit webpage.

Any faculty/staff member that uses a personal vehicle for service-related functions may apply for a Service Vehicle permit, which allows them to park in a Service Vehicle space. For more information and the approval process, please visit our service vehicle permit webpage.

Persons with Disabilities Permits

If you have a temporary or permanent disability that limits your walking range, you may obtain a permit that will provide disabled parking privileges for a stated period of time, depending upon your condition.

If you have a state-issued handicapped license plate or hang-tag, you may provide proof to our office to receive card access to lots with disabled parking. More information can be found on our permits for persons with disabilities webpage, and a list of all disabled spaces on campus can be found on our general information webpage.