Transceiver Systems

For the past 20 years, STL has been a leader in submillimeter-wave transmitters and receivers. Utilizing the latest in heterodyne mixing receivers, we achieve unprecedented system sensitivities for coherent terahertz receivers. By using these systems to measure scatter from scale-model targets, radar cross-section measurements and radar images can be produced with great accuracy and low cost.

Laser Sources

Laser based submillimeter wave sources are used extensively at STL. With our in-house custom designed carbon dioxide and optically-pumped far-infrared lasers we are able to achieve astonishing power and phase stabilities for hours and even days. STL also maintains a carbon dioxide and far-infrared pair for the express purpose of prototype optical setups. These systems have been used for applications ranging from new detector design evaluation to terahertz materials characterization. Our far-infrared lasers are capable of producing hundreds of milliwatts at frequencies covering most of the submillimeter-wave bands. When combined with polarimetric optics and signal processing techniques, systems using lasers are capable of measuring very low level scattering phenomena. Our laser based terahertz systems are the heart of the 1.56 THz and 350GHz compact radar ranges.

Staff: Thomas Goyette, Ph.D., Jason Dickinson

Solid State Sources

Working closely with leading edge millimeter and submillimeter wave component designers, the solid state based terahertz sources form the basis for our compact radar range systems operating at 500 GHz and 160GHz.

Staff: Guy Demartinis, Ph.D.