In the course of any major research endeavor, the initiation of numerous smaller milestone tasks and sub-assemblies are integral to moving forward. The Submillimeter-Wave Technology Laboratory (STL) at the University of Massachusetts Lowell is deeply committed to all aspects of the academic learning process. By functioning as both a World-Class radar research facility and as an academic research institution, graduating students leave STL with real-world laboratory experience, affirming all aspects of their major course of study.

Under the direct supervision of a mentor, graduate and undergraduate students are given a diverse array of project types based on immediate needs of the Laboratory, the student's individual interest, and the applicability to their major course of study.

Below is a brief listing of current Academic Research projects:

  •     Terahertz Gas Absorption Spectroscopy
  •     High-Speed Terahertz Scanner Systems
  •     Prototype Opto-Mechanic Design and Fabrication
  •     Ultra-Low Flow Rate Molecular Gas System
  •     Reflection-Based Tomographic Reconstruction of Radar Imagery
  •     Algorithm Generation using National Instruments' LabView
  •     Automated Object QTVR photography
  •     Terahertz Gaussian Beam Optics Design
  •     Terahertz Materials Characterization using a BWO
  •     Upgrades to STL's six High Power, Ultra-Stable Carbon Dioxide Laser Systems
  •     Laboratory Conditions Monitor Sensor Modules
  •     Travel to Perform Upgrades to Systems Currently Deployed at the South Pole