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UMass Lowell will resume on-campus instruction, research and campus life for Fall 2020. View the plan for more info.

Academic Research

In the course of any major research endeavor, the initiation of numerous smaller milestone tasks and sub-assemblies are integral to moving forward. The Submillimeter-Wave Technology Laboratory (STL) at the University of Massachusetts Lowell is deeply committed to all aspects of the academic learning process. By functioning as both a World-Class radar research facility and as an academic research institution, graduating students leave STL with real-world laboratory experience, affirming all aspects of their major course of study.

Under the direct supervision of a mentor, graduate and undergraduate students are given a diverse array of project types based on immediate needs of the Laboratory, the student's individual interest, and the applicability to their major course of study.

Below is a brief listing of current Academic Research projects:

  •     Terahertz Gas Absorption Spectroscopy
  •     High Speed Terahertz Scanner Systems
  •     Prototype Opto-Mechanic Design and Fabrication
  •     Ultra-Low Flow Rate Molecular Gas System
  •     Reflection-Based Tomographic Reconstruction of Radar Imagery
  •     Algorithm Generation using National Instruments' LabView
  •     Automated Object QTVR photography
  •     Terahertz Gaussian Beam Optics Design
  •     Terahertz Materials Characterization using a BWO
  •     Upgrades to STL's six High Power, Ultra-Stable Carbon Dioxide Laser Systems
  •     Laboratory Conditions Monitor Sensor Modules
  •     Travel to Perform Upgrades to Systems Currently Deployed at the South Pole