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Current CMINDS Ph.D. Students

  • Kim Minsuk (Ph.D. student, Computer Engineering (Distributed Intelligent Multi-agent Machine Learning, Systems, Battlefield, Homeland Security)
  • Elasri Younes (Ph.D. student, Electrical Engineering (Radar Data analytics and Processing)
  • Julie Blumenthal, Ph.D. student, Computer Science (Bio-imaging, Signal processing, Analytics and Machine Learning to plant disease prediction)
  • Thomas Calloway, Ph.D. student, Computer Engineering (Robotics, Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence)
  • Yaloling Hu, Ph.D. student, Computer Engineering (3D Vision and Object Recognition)
  • Guillermo Alonso, Ph.D. student, Electrical Engineering (Distributed “Big Data” Image Automatic Annotation and Retrieval)
  • Haixin  Hu, Ph.D. student, Computer Engineering (Distributed Networked Multi-agent Systems in a Time-varying Dynamic Environment)
  • Iman Vakil, Ph.D. student, Computer Engineering (3D Image Fusion (Air Force Research Lab)
  • Othmane Habboule, Ph.D. student, Electrical Engineering (Machine vision, image security.

Current CMINDS MS Thesis Students:

  • Brian Soper, MS thesis, Computer Engineering (Machine Learning, Biomedical)
  • Amanda Thomas, MS Thesis, Computer Engineering (Facial Recognition)
  • Avantikha Gauyal, MS Thesis, Computer Engineering (Distributed Data Retrieval)
  • Paul Beaulieux, MS thesis, Computer Engineering (Object Representation and Recognition)
  • Dana Pyburn, MS, Physics (Radar Image Processing)

Current CMINDS Undergraduate Students

  • John DiZoglio, UG, BS, Computer Engineering (Image Processing)

CMINDS Ph.D. Student Alumni

  • Raju Pandeti, December 2005. Dissertation: ”A Novel Technique For Document Filtering and Delivery for A Pervasive Computing Model Using  Selective Dissemination of Information”
  • Yohannes Iyassu, June 2006. Dissertation: ”Fingerprints and hand-Written/Printed Characters Processing Methods For Recognition Via Multi-Stage Self Organized Learning in A Distributed Computing Environment”
  • Hani Al-Daya, June 2006. Dissertation: ”Theorization, Implementation, System Architecture, and Analysis of Fast Reinforcement Learning Techniques, With Application To Autonomous Agents”
  • Carlos Bejar. June 2007. Dissertation: ”A Generalized Multi-Sensor 3D Image Registration And Data Fusion Method Using The Multi-Resolution Approach”
  • S. Elshoura, March 2011. Dissertation: “Analysis, Design, and Implementation of A New Transparent High Capacity Digital Information Hiding Scheme Via Tchebichef Moments with Application to Homeland Security”
  • Helal Saghir, April 2015. Dissertation: "Big Data Biology-Based Predictive Models for Metagenomics Binning"
CMINDS MS (Thesis) Student Alumni
  • Ahmed Teirelbar,  May 2001. Thesis: “A Machine Reinforcement Learning Technique for Multi-Agent Obstacle Avoidance Path Planning and Navigation”
  • Yohannes Iyassu, May 2001, Thesis:  “A Technique for Hand-Written Signature Recognition”.
  • R. Venkataramanan,  May 2002. Thesis: “A Distributed Face Recognition Technique”.
  • Murgesh Naidu, June 2002. Thesis: “ A Distributed Shape and Index –Based Image  Data Retrieval  Technique Using  a Hybrid Semi-Dynamic Hash Scheme”.
  • Emrah Kostem, June 2004. Thesis “ A Computational Method for Genomic Sequence Analysis”
  • Yi  Miao, June 2004. Thesis “A Distributed Correlation method for Facial Expressions and Features Recognition”
  • Himabindu  Hebbare, June 2004. Thesis “Graphical Representation for Geographically Distributed Multi-Sensor Ladar Image 3-D Fusion and registration”
  • Chanarith Vanthin, June 2004, Thesis: “A Baysian Learning Technique for Exploring Re-emptive Loads Through I/O Devices: The Mouse Pointer Case Study”
  • Yu Hong, June 2004,  Thesis: “An Investigative Study and Analysis of Crystal Structure Classification Using 3-D Image Reconstruction Techniques”
  • John  Thomas, June 2005. Thesis: “FPGA-Based Real-Time Embedded and Reconfigurable Ladar Scanning and Dynamic Correction During Video Acquisition of Non-Standard Frames With Arbitrary Sizes”
  • Philpe Sliney II, June 2005. Thesis: “An FPGA Based Multi-Spectrum Data Fusion and Image Processing Method With Application to Embedded Ladar Imaging”
  • Soumitra Rastogi, December 2005. Thesis: “ A Novel Face Recognition System Using the Binary Phase-Only Filter Via Optimal Correlation Thresholding With Minimal False Positives”
  • Krishma Dutia, December 2005. Thesis: “A Method for Analysis of Mutations in HIV's and SARS Viruses and For  Homologous Proteins Structure Characterization”
  • Ian Sebanja, March 2010. Thesis: “Detection and Recognition of American Road Signs Via Principal Component Analysis.
  • Kuldeep Goswami, August 2010. Thesis “Generalized Distributed Hardware Architecture for Fast Pattern Search in Large Databases”.
  • Manan Sanghiv, January 2011. Thesis “Accurate Volume Determination of Brain MRIi Images Via A Dynamic-local-Thresholding-based Segmentation Method for Patients with Alzheimer`s Disease”.
  • Manuel Madera December 2011. MS Thesis: “A  Study of Interconnected Dynamical Systems and Reinforcement Learning in a Multi-agent and  Distributed Environment”.
  • Iliana Yoynichka, June 2013, MS Thesis, Computer Engineering, “Analysis of The Effects of Image Registration Template Selection and Partial Information Compilation of Facial Recognition Accuracy”
Graduated Undergraduate Students
  • J.Imm, 2004
  • Chris Magnell, 2004
  • D. John, 2004
  • J. Shean, 2004
  • J. Quing, 2004
  • J. Sameer, 2004
  • S. Giovami, 2004
  • Doug Geoffrey, 2004
  • J. Thomas, 2005
  • P. Sliney, 2005
  • J. Hardin, 2005
  • E. Bass, 2006
  • M. Madera, 2007
  • I. Voynichka, 2007
  • I. Sebanja, 2008
  • Brian Soper, 2011
  • Mike Levine, 2011
  • Keith Chamberlain, 2011