The mission of the multidisciplinary CMINDS research center—in partnership with leading corporations in the computer technology fields, some leading national agencies,  and some national and international organizations—is helping advance the analytical, experimental, and operational aspect of computer hardware and software, engineering and information technologies that have potential influence on the Acquisition, Management, and Storage of Knowledge and Data Engineering and Services (AMSKDES). 

The CMINDS research center has four fully equipped research laboratories namely:

  1. The Networking and Distributed Networks and applications laboratory; 
  2. The Machine Vision and Multi-media Signal Processing and applications laboratory;
  3. The Artificial & Machine Intelligence, Machine Learning,  Knowledge and Data Engineering and applications laboratory;
  4. The Embedded Real-Time Systems & Architectures, VLSI and applications laboratory.

Using advances in the four main areas mentioned above, the CMINDS is developing new technologies and methodologies that help create smart, reliable, efficient, secure and manageable AMSKDES systems.