Policy on Safety & Security in Residence Halls

The UMass Lowell Residence Life program is comprised of 11 on- and off-campus (non-campus) residential facilities. Within this program, undergraduate and graduate students are offered the opportunity to live in corridor style or suite/apartment style living in coed residence halls.
Access to the residence halls is limited to students and their guests according to University regulations (see the Student Conduct Code and Residence Life Guidelines). Each Residence Hall is supervised by an Area Coordinator or Resident Director. The Area Coordinators and Resident Directors in all Residence Halls are either full time professional staff at the University with significant experience in Residence Life.  Each individual floor or area within a residence hall is supervised by a Resident Adviser at an approximate ratio of 30:1. All residence life staff receive extensive training prior to the academic year as well as ongoing training throughout the year on topics such as, but not limited to, safety and security, policy enforcement, counseling skills, crisis intervention, conflict mediation, activity planning and community development. 
All residence halls with the exception of our apartments located at Merrimack Street are equipped with electronic security systems and/or uniformed security personnel to promote a safe and secure environment on campus. Bourgeois, Concordia, Leitch, Donahue, Fox, Sheehy, University Suites, Riverview Suites, Middlesex Apartments and Riverhawk Village are each equipped with electronic security card access systems at the main entry to each building. All entry doors that lead to student living areas are secured 24 hours daily. Residents are cautioned against permitting strangers to enter the buildings and are urged to require individuals seeking entry to use their access card.
All student bedrooms are equipped with locking devices, either a dead bolt type lock or an electronic locking system utilizing the student ID Card (Persona Locks). Suite style residence halls are equipped with locks on both entry and bedroom doors. In addition, all common access area doors have security viewers. All visitors and guests are required to identify themselves between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. and abide by the appropriate procedures as outlined in the Residence Hall Guest Policy. Overnight guests are permitted as outlined in the Student Conduct Code and Residence Life Guidelines.
Special security procedures are in effect during vacation/low occupancy periods. Although all residence halls are open for the entire academic year including winter intersession, students are required to register (and sometimes an additional fee is required) during low occupancy periods. This can include Thanksgiving Break, Winter Intersession and Spring Break. Special Registration is required for safety and security purposes.

Policy on Safety & Security in Off-Campus Residences

Off-campus apartment complexes, townhouses/condominium communities and other multi-family dwellings pose unique challenges. Because of the natural turnover of many residents in rental property, students must make an extra effort to be aware of their surroundings. This includes knowledge of the measures landlords have taken on behalf of resident safety. 
These residences fall under the jurisdiction of the City of Lowell Police Department. To report a crime, call the non-emergency number at 978-937-3200. In the event of an emergency dial 911. UMass Lowell Police Department personnel do not provide law enforcement services to off-campus residences unless requested by the Lowell Police Department, nor are activities off-campus recognized by university authority.