• The event reunited marching band members from over 40 years.

    Band Marches to 40 Years

    In early December, 250 former players int he UMass Lowell Marching Band gathered to celebrate the band's 40th anniversary. They had a blast.
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  • Dhruvi Patel, a pre-med biology major, transferred to UMass Lowell her senior year after Mount Ida College closed.

    Honors College Eases the Way for Transfer Students

    The Honors College has a dedicated advisor and a “Transfermation” peer mentoring program to help transfer students. The goal: Make the transition as smooth as possible.
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  • A woman makes a donation in a Salvation Army kettle while volunteer bell ringers look on

    Business Professor Researches Tech’s Impact on Charitable Giving

    With mobile payment apps like Venmo and PayPal becoming mainstream, Spencer Ross, assistant professor of marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation in the Manning School of Business, is researching what a cashless society means to people and organizations that depend on cash donations.
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  • Kirsten Swenson and Akbar Abjduljalil stand nextt to the teach-in poster

    Image is Everything at Climate Change Teach-In

    The 2018 David Lustick Climate Change Teach-In, “Invisibilities: Seeing and Unseeing the Anthropocene,” explored how images can both shape and obscure our understanding of climate and environment. It was organized by Assoc. Prof. of Art History Kirsten Swenson as part of the IDEA Leadership Grant Initiative.
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  • Children in Culiacan, Mexico, look at a safe house where a gun battle between police and suspected drug traffickers took place (2015)

    Professor Researches Drug Violence in Colombia and Mexico

    Assistant Prof. Angélica Durán Martínez studies the politics of drug trafficking violence in Colombia and Mexico. She hopes her findings will inform public policy on illegal drugs.
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  • Benjamin McEvoy of Benji Ball celebrates his second DifferenceMaker preliminary win in two nights.

    DifferenceMakers Listen, Learn, Remake

    In an intense week of DifferenceMaker competition across three colleges, Benji Ball emerged as a two-time winner. Air Allign emerged tired but with hearts in the right place.
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  • Metamaterial interacting with light

    Scientists Design New Material to Harness the Power of Light

    A team of researchers from UMass Lowell, King’s College London, Paris Diderot University and the University of Hartford in Connecticut has created a new class of metamaterial that can be “tuned” to change the color of light.
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  • UML Theatre Arts interns Rachael Bergeron, left, who works in tech, and Hayley Jasmin, right, who does publicity for shows.

    Behind the Scenes, Theatre Students Learn the Ropes

    Theatre arts students gain valuable experience behind the scenes through paid internships on faculty-supervised productions. That can lead to professional internships – and then jobs.
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  • Alumni recruit for Draper at the Career Fair

    Professional Co-ops Pay Off in Many Ways for Students

    UMass Lowell students have earned more than $24 million over the past five years through the Professional Cooperative Education program, helping them pay for college while gaining valuable real-world work experience. 
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  • Associate Dean Sue Kim shows off some of the photos in the Southeast Asian Digital Archive at UMass Lowell.

    “Who Are We Without Our History?”

    Lowell’s Southeast Asian community celebrated the launch of the university’s Southeast Asian Digital Archive, which documents the violence they fled as refugees and their experiences resettling in Lowell.
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  • Actor Joaquim de Almeida answers UMass Lowell student questions in conversation with Assoc. Prof. Shelley Barish and Visiting Lecturer Patricia Ferreira.

    Portuguese Actor Joaquim de Almeida Shares Lessons of the Silver Screen

    Joaquim de Almeida, the best-known Portuguese actor in Hollywood, gave career advice to students in the Theatre Arts and Digital Media programs. He also spoke at a public event to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Saab Center for Portuguese Studies.
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  • At UML's Dec. 2 opening reception for high school artists, left to right, Gallery Director Deborah Santoro, Anya Crowley of Landmark Academy, Prof. Stepehn Mishol, Autumn Bellan of Chelmsford High School, Prof. Ellen Wetmore, Mary Elizabeth Miller of Haverhill High School, Prof. Ingrid Hess.

    High School Art Prospects Get Gallery Showing

    Sponsored by the Art & Design Department, the university’s first Regional High School Exhibition features 50 works by students from public and private high schools around the state.
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  • Three Puerto Rican men smiling

    Osteoporosis: Not Just a Woman's Disease

    The National Institutes of Health has awarded Prof. Katherine Tucker a $2.6 million grant to evaluate bone health risks among men.
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  • Bill Cummings laughs while he's introduced at UCrossing

    Billionaire Philanthropist Makes Big Impression on Students

    Bill Cummings, a self-made real estate magnate and billionaire philanthropist, shared life lessons with 200 Manning School of Business students at an event hosted by the Wilson Center for Entrepreneurship and supported by the student-run Real Estate Network Association.
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  • Student Meaghan O’Brien stands in front of her research poster

    Ethically Speaking, Donahue Center Develops Strong Voice

    The Donahue Center for Business Ethics & Social Responsibility hit the ground running in its first year, expanding ethics-related education and research to students and faculty across the university.
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  • Ph.D. student Kelechi Adejumo explains the dangers of secondhand smoke to a family in the Healthy Homes project

    Turcotte’s Asthma Research Helps Children and Seniors in Lowell

    For almost two decades, Research Prof. David Turcotte’s “Healthy Homes” project has improved the lives of low-income children and seniors with asthma. His focus on environmental justice also includes research on wind turbines, community health and healthy workplaces.
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  • from left, Tom O'Donnell, director of UML's iHub, Mouli Ramani, president and CEO of Horsepower Technologies, and iHub Associate Director Lisa Armstrong, in the entrance to Horsepower Technologies' new office

    iHub Helps Horsepower Technologies Get a Leg Up

    After "graduating" from the iHub Oct. 1, Horsepower Technologies, which is pioneering rehabilitative orthotic devices for horses, headed for the fifth floor of Wannalancit Mills on Cabot Street, a space with room to grow. 
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  • Dean of Sciences Noureddine Melikechi reads through the Universal Declaration of Humankind Rights and Duties with UMass Lowell Chancellor Jacquie Moloney

    Chancellor Signs Universal Declaration of Humankind Rights and Duties

    Chancellor Jacquie Moloney signed the Universal Declaration of Humankind Rights and Duties, which says humans have a responsibility to protect the environment for future generations. UMass Lowell is the first U.S. university to sign the accord.
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  • Honors students stop by for muffins, yogurt and chocolate milk on Muffin Monday in the Honors College at UML.

    Shhh! Honors College Promotes Quiet Study – with a Side of Muffins

    From “Muffin Mondays” to “Six-Hour Quiet Study Time” on Saturdays, Honors College Dean Jim Canning is bent on inculcating serious study habits in students. He provides the food and they put in the effort, quietly.
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  • Student trainers and manager Karina Cruz stand in front of a shuttle bus

    Students Take the Wheel on Transportation Program

    As the university rolls out larger shuttle buses to accommodate growing ridership, the Office of Transportation Services has created an in-house training program to help student drivers earn their required commercial driver’s licenses.
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  • Twin brothers Bhavan and Bhuvan Somayanda at the Career Fair

    Alumni Twins Double Back to Campus to Recruit

    Twin brothers Bhavan and Bhuvan Somayanda, who both earned master’s degrees in plastics engineering in 2015, returned for the Fall Career Fair to recruit for their current employer, Applied Medical.
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  • Oprah Winfrey with the first six students awarded scholarships in her name.

    O Yes! Oprah Winfrey Brings in $3 Million for Scholarships

    Oprah Winfrey’s visit to campus inspired students and fans from around the region – and her conversation with Chancellor Jacquie Moloney raised $1.5 million for scholarships. Winfrey then announced she would match that amount.
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  • Faculty members check out the symposium program

    Research, Collaboration Shine at Faculty Symposium

    Faculty members from across the university shared their research and were recognized for their achievements at the 2018 Faculty Symposium, held at the UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center.
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  • Five UMass Lowell professors gathered to discuss 1968 and all the tumult and music that came with it.

    UML Profs Discuss a Year that Rocked the World

    A faraway war with a close-to-home price. Student protests. Political upheaval. Psychedelic experimentation. Amps cranked to 11. Some people were lost, others found. It was 1968 and as the year closed, the White Album showed up.
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  • First-year education majors at UMass Lowell Angela Messina and Mykala Guzman practice teaching on Mursion avatars.

    Education Students Practice Teaching on Avatars

    Education students get to practice their teaching skills in a virtual classroom before they ever lead a real one. The software they use is like an online multiplayer game, with live actors helping simulate the behavior of elementary school students in real time.
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  • Pair-Up participants do a scavenger hunt at UCrossing

    Pair-Up Program Builds Friendships Across Cultures

    Now in its fourth year, the Office of Multicultural Affairs’ popular Pair-Up Program helps international students acclimate to campus while increasing cultural understanding for American students.
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  • University therapy dog Ben with students

    Creatures on Campus Tame Student Stress

    Public Health Department Chair Nicole Champagne brings Ben, the university's first therapy dog, to campus twice a week and the Wellness Center recently brought baby animals to campus, all to reduce student stress.
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  • GPS satellite

    Researchers Work to Improve GPS Navigation, Earth Monitoring

    A team of researchers from UMass Lowell and the Goddard Space Flight Center has received a two-year, $1.2 million grant from NASA to develop an instrument that would significantly improve the accuracy of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame.
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  • Veteran Marty Martinez thanks Chancellor Jacquie Moloney and Janine Wert

    University Salutes Its Veterans and Alumni Who Served

    Alumni who returned to take their place in the university's Military Hall of Fame were full of thanks as they told their stories of how UMass Lowell helped them get squared away in life.
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  • Sociology Chairwoman Mignon Duffy, right, with Psychology Prof. Meg Bond, director of the Center for Women and Work at UMass Lowell

    Professor Advises United Nations on Social Services

    Sociology Prof. Mignon Duffy researches the vast armies of careworkers – mostly women, mostly underpaid – who care for children and the elderly, the sick and the disabled. Now she’s advising the United Nations on careworkers’ role in services that support families.
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  • Nicole Hayek holds her Silver Ticket after winning NH Idol

    Business Student Eyes Big Break on ‘American Idol’

    Manning School of Business student and aspiring singer Nicole Hayek auditioned for executive producers of “American Idol” in Louisville, Ky., with hopes of advancing to the celebrity judges.
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  • Students in the fund course present their analysis work

    Student Investors Stockpile Another Victory

    For the fourth time in 10 years, the Manning School of Business’ Student Managed Fund was the UMass system’s top finisher in the annual investing competition sponsored by the UMass Foundation.
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  • Assoc. Prof. of Education at UMass Lowell Iman Chahine is an ethnomathematician.

    New Education Faculty Bring the World to Lowell

    New faculty in the College of Education bring global experience to the challenges facing local schools. Their expertise will raise students’ awareness of cultural differences that affect children’s school experiences – and figure out how to improve education for everyone.
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  • Honors political science major Justin St. Louis, at UMass Lowell, is deputy political director for Republican congressional candidate Rick Green

    Students Gain Campaign Experience in Midterm Elections

    Political science students looking for campaign experience have found plenty of opportunities this year in the open race for the 3rd Congressional District seat and other midterm contests. Many of them cross the border in presidential election years to work in New Hampshire, too.
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  • "Pyramid Pack" team

    Students Design Backpacks of the Future

    A total of 30 undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral researchers from colleges across the campus competed during the first Future Pack Design Challenge, held at the new Fabric Discovery Center.
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  • Lawrence High principal Michael Fiato speaks during the panel discussion

    ‘I’m a Human Being, Not a Target’

    “Confronting Gun Violence Against Kids” was the theme of the College of Education’s 23rd Panasuk Symposium on Educational Research, Policy & Practice, which featured Peter Cunningham, former assistant secretary for communications and outreach for the U.S. Department of Education.
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  • Amy Chan watches Angenie Pang pull a lamp apart at a training session for the SWE Repair Cafe at UMass Lowell

    Women Engineering Students Host Repair Café for Community

    Students in the Society of Women Engineers hosted a Repair Café for the campus and community last month. Along the way, they learned some useful skills themselves, such as how to take apart a microwave oven, fix a lamp and hand-sew patches for denim jackets.
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  • Beth Humberd and Scott Latham pose with a robot at the NERVE Center

    Are Robots Coming for Your Job?

    Manning School of Business faculty Scott Latham and Beth Humberd examined four ways that jobs will respond to automation in a research article published in MIT Sloan Management Review.
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  • UMass Lowell students pose with Red Sox (and Spinners) swag at Campus Rec before Game 1

    Secret to Sox-cess

    As the Red Sox battle in their fourth World Series since 2004, championship fever is sweeping across the region. UMass Lowell has numerous connections to the game and the UMass Lowell community is loaded with baseball experts. Curious about the physics of going yard or the keys to this team’s success? Read on —and go Sox!
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  • Marjorie Yang talks to students and faculty at the Saab ETIC Perry Atrium

    Extended Family: UML Welcomes Textile Scion to Campus

    Marjorie Yang, chair of the $1 billion Hong Kong-based textile company Esquel Group, visited campus and talked to students about sustainability and social responsibility. Her father, Y.L. Yang, earned a master of science in textile chemistry from the Lowell Textile Institute in 1948.
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  • UMass Lowell English Department Chairman Todd Avery and Asst. Prof. Maia Gil'Adi discuss their favorite monsters

    “My First Crush was the Bride of Frankenstein”

    Everyone loves a good monster – and this year, there’s plenty to love. English Prof. Todd Avery is devoting his popular class on monsters to Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” to celebrate the novel’s 200th birthday, while new Asst. Prof. Maia Gil’Adí is exploring ghosts and monsters in Latinx literature.
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  • Zakim Bridge

    Researchers Seek to Extend Lifespan of New England’s Roads and Bridges

    The U.S. Department of Transportation recently awarded a five-year, $14 million grant to a partnership of faculty and student researchers from UMass Lowell and other universities in New England to create a regional Transportation Infrastructure Durability Center.
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  • Carrie Blout

    For Genetic Counselors, Career Growth's in Their DNA

    At a recent career seminar, students from a variety of majors heard from three experienced genetic counselors about the various career options in the profession, as well as the challenges and rewards of their jobs.
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  • Homecoming guests eat caramel apples

    River Hawk Pride Shines Through at Homecoming

    Alumni of all ages had plenty to be proud of at River Hawk Homecoming 2018 — from the university reaching its $125 million fundraising goal ahead of schedule, to the hockey team’s season-opening win, to an upcoming visit by Oprah Winfrey.
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  • Ron Insana speaks with student

    DifferenceMaker Celebration Brings Star Power

    The fourth annual DifferenceMaker Celebration was twice as good as expected. Not only did CNBC commentator Ron Insana serve up a helping of witty business talk on the very day the Dow plunged more than 800 points, but Dean Kamen – the New Hampshire-based engineer and Segway inventor – showed up and spoke to the sold-out crowd, too. 
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  • Marty Meehan addresses the Lessons in Leadership crowd

    President Meehan Offers ‘Lessons in Leadership’

    UMass President Marty Meehan returned to campus to discuss the power of education and the importance of college affordability as part of “Leaders in Lowell,” a speaker series run by a pair of Lowell Catholic High School students.
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  • UMass Lowell alumnus Brian Rist

    125 and Rising!

    With the support of thousands of donors, UMass Lowell’s first-ever comprehensive fundraising campaign, 'Our Legacy, Our Place,' has surpassed its $125 million goal 18 months ahead of schedule, thanks to a new, $5 million commitment from alumnus Brian Rist, the largest single gift in university history.
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  • Tim Corcoran holds his Legion of Merit award in his IT office

    From Military Service to Network Services

    Manager of Network Services Tim Corcoran received the prestigious Legion of Merit award from the U.S. Armed Forces in honor of his 32 years of “exceptionally meritorious service” in the U.S. Army and the Massachusetts Army National Guard.
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  • Art and Designs students and alumni painted a mural celebrating the Acre neighborhood, and it is now on display on Decatur WAY

    Grant Bursts to Life in Acre Painting

    Seven UMass Lowell students collaborated on a large mural, the latest stroke in a move  to make a once-gritty and blighted alley into a green haven for art and poetry.
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  • Diane Mahoney and May Futrell

    Nursing Turns 50, Honors 50

    The Solomont School of Nursing celebrated the 50th anniversary of the nursing program by recognizing 50 nursing leaders at an event on Oct. 4.
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  • Kim Cosgrove (left) and Kady Phelps created an exhibit about the history of St. Joseph’s Hospital

    Exhibit Remembers More than a Hospital

    It was a hospital, yes. But Lowell’s St. Joseph’s Hospital was so much more to the nuns who worked there and to the residents of the Acre neighborhood. Now, two UMass Lowell students have created a tribute to the hospital, celebrating its singular value to its workers, patients and the neighborhood around it.
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  • Peter Casey speaks at the podium

    Casey Charts Steady Course as New Athletic Director

    New Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Peter Casey, who brings a “smorgasbord” of experience to the job, looks to continue the successful course charted by his mentor, Dana Skinner.
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  • Assoc. Prof. Wilson Palacios talks about the advice a peer health advocate gives to people who inject drugs

    Professors Tackle Opioid Epidemic with Hands-on Research

    Assoc. Prof. Wilson Palacios is researching new approaches to prevent opioid overdoses and the spread of disease in Lowell. Meanwhile, Asst. Prof. Angela Wangari Walter is identifying barriers to prevention, treatment and recovery for fishing industry workers in New England.
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  • UMass Lowell psychology faculty member Meg Bond was selected as the 2018 Distinguished University Professor

    Meg Bond in Psychology Named University Professor

    Psychology Prof. Meg Bond, an expert in workplace sexual harassment and director of the university’s Center for Women and Work, has been named University Professor for 2018.
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  • Tyler Cote is the first full-time employee of Operation250

    Student Counterterrorism Project Gets Boost from $1 Million Grant

    Operation250, which began as a student project to combat terrorism, is the subject of a $1 million U.S. government grant to develop and evaluate its program for teaching children, teenagers, parents and educators about online safety, hate sites and terrorist recruitment tactics.
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  • Abdi Shariff-Hassan dribbles the ball during a game

    From Somali Refugee to College Soccer Powerhouse

    Men’s soccer player and sophomore business administration major Abdi Shariff-Hassan, a Somali refugee, is a key figure in author Amy Bass’ book “One Goal,” which is being featured in the 2018 Lowell Reads series.
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  • Brandon Vaccaro works with Vivek Patel '18 on the sound board

    The Sound of Change at SRT

    For the first time since the program was born in 1983, there's a new coordinator for the university's esteemed Sound Recording Technology program: Brandon Vaccaro.
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  • Business grad Mai Pham and engineering alum Nabil Saleh hold a Dell sign in the Pulichino Tong atrium

    Alumni Help Feed Dell’s Employee Supply Chain

    Business grad Mai Pham and engineering alum Nabil Saleh, who both landed jobs at Dell Technologies after graduation, returned to campus to tell students about opportunities in the field of supply chain operations.
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  • Lawrence age-friendly project team

    UML Researchers Partner with City of Lawrence on Age-Friendly Initiative

    University researchers are collaborating with Lawrence to turn the city into an “Age-Friendly Community” – a place where housing, transportation, green spaces, health care and social services help residents of all ages lead healthier lives.
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  • Trevor Noah portrait

    Comedian Trevor Noah Bringing Razor-sharp Wit to Campus

    Trevor Noah, the host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” will bring his biting brand of humor to the Tsongas Center on Oct. 5, courtesy of Student Activities. Students can get discounted tickets.
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  • Asst. Prof. John Cluvrius chats with WCVB reporter Julie Loncich the day after the 2018 Massachusetts primaries

    Polling and Parties and Midterms, Oh My!

    Asst. Prof. John Cluverius uses survey research to peer into the minds of voters and politicians. The political scientist and associate director of UML’s Center for Public Opinion shares his insights with students and the media.
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  • UMass Lowell students play ultimate frisbee on the new Campus Rec Complex on East Campus

    Game On!

    Campus Recreation offers students so many great ways to get active and stay healthy. To keep up with students’ growing demand, the university has opened the new Campus Recreation Complex on East Campus.
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  • A student waits for her sandwich at the deli

    Cumnock Marketplace Turns Tables on North Campus

    The new Cumnock Marketplace offers more food options and provides students on North Campus with a comfortable place to spend time between classes.
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  • Associate Professor of English Todd Tietchen is a noted Kerouac scholar

    Kerouac Haunts Lowell Streets – and the MRT Stage

    A recently discovered novella by Jack Kerouac is being adapted for the stage by the artistic director of the Merrimack Repertory Theatre. “The Haunted Life” will also be a teaching tool in UML’s Theatre Arts and English programs all year, thanks in large part to English professor Todd Tietchen.
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  • Three students stand outside a commuter rail train in Lowell

    All Aboard! River Hawks Ride Free on Commuter Rail

    Thanks to a pilot program starting this fall, UMass Lowell students, faculty and staff will be able to ride the MBTA Lowell commuter rail train to and from Boston for free.
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  • First-generation college students crowded into a lecture room for the River Hawk Scholars Academy's welcome day.

    First-generation College Students Get a Helping Hand

    First-generation college students are a tradition at UMass Lowell – and now they get a helping hand from the River Hawk Scholars Academy, which welcomed 250 first-year students to campus this fall.
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  • Ken Nwadike Jr., known across the globe as The Free Hugs Guy, tells his remarkable story to new students at UML's 13th annual Convocation.

    Convocation Crowd Gets the Hug We all Need

    It’s tough to corral the attention of more than 3,200 college students in an arena. Tougher still to bring them to stony silence.  But that’s what Ken Nwadike did to the 3,200 freshman and transfer students at the 2018 Convocation.
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  • From left, current WUML station maganer Chris Romano, "Live from the Fallout Shelter" co-founder Chris Porter and veteran station Operations Manager Tom Tiger in the Fallout Shelter studio, where live music broadcasts have survived since April 1, 1985.

    Rare Campus Radio Recording of Rock Legend Pixies to be Released

    When the Pixies showed up at UMass Lowell’s student-run WJUL, they were just another new band out of Boston. The musicians plugged in, ripped through 15 songs, gave brief interview then packed up and left. It was Dec. 15, 1986, long before they cast a huge shadow over rock music. That performance is about to be released as part of a box set.
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  • Allen House on UMass Lowell South Campus

    How to Talk Like a River Hawk

    To help you get acclimated to (or reacquainted with) the university, we’ve put together a glossary of terms and acronyms common on the UMass Lowell campus.
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  • Two students check out UMass Lowell's Engagement Fair and BBQ after Convocation

    Welcome to Campus

    Your moment has arrived. The beginning of a new semester. We've got an action-packed Opening Week on tap. From shuttle bus routes to campus clubs to what’s on the menu at the dining halls, we’ve got your back.
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  • Packaged linens and hangers from inside a Grad Bag donation

    Students’ Move-Out Donations Come Full Circle

    Linens, blankets and towels donated during Spring Move Out have returned to campus as good as new and are available to students in need, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Office of Sustainability, Student Affairs and the nonprofit organization Grad Bag.
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  • Workers put finishing touches on the Cumnock Marketplace

    Everything is New Again at Dandeneau Hall

    The Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science departments have moved to a remodeled (and renamed) Dandeneau Hall – one of Facilities Management’s several major renovation projects this summer.
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  • Sydney Rebello walked into a job at the US Marshals Service after an internship through UMass Lowell's partnership with The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars

    Criminal Justice Programs Win High Rankings

    The rising reputation of the School of Criminology and Justice Studies is reflected in the U.S. News & World Report rankings, with the online master’s degree scoring in the top 20 nationally and the new, on-campus Ph.D. program in the top 30.
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  • CS Connections teachers workshop

    Middle School Teachers Learn About Computer Science

    Prof. Fred Martin of the Department of Computer Science recently hosted “CS Connections,” a four-day summer workshop for middle school teachers who want to learn about computer science.
    Featured Story
  • Stpehanie Carnazzo plays on the new Pac-Man machine outside the Student Activities office at UMass Lowell

    Clubbing at UML

    For food, fun and friends, nothing beats joining a club on campus, students say. It also helps your grades and builds your leadership and professional skills.
    Featured Story
  • Tyler Lagasse ties for silver at the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games with Peter Condon

    Student Wins Third Silver Medal in Golf at Special Olympics USA

    Tyler Lagasse just brought home his third silver medal in golf from the Special Olympics USA games. An author and motivational speaker with autism spectrum disorder, Lagasse will keynote the 50th anniversary celebration of Special Olympics at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in September.
    Featured Story
  • Student employees make CSA deliveries on South Campus

    Farm-to-Cubicle: CSA Pilot Program Delivers Fresh Produce

    The university is piloting a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program this summer, a joint initiative between the Office of Sustainability, the Center for Public Opinion and Mill City Grows, to lay the foundation for a self-sustaining CSA at the university while also providing research opportunities.
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  • Foods that contain sugar salad dressing, ketchup, baked beans

    Sickly Sweet: Prof Explains Sugar's Impact on Health

    Assistant Prof. Sabrina Noel of the Department of Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences fields questions about how much sugar in the diet is too much, deciphering food labels and identifying healthier options for satisfying a sweet tooth.
    Featured Story
  • One of the images Ingrid Hess created to open discussions of diversity and immigration during her recent Fulbright stint in Ireland.

    Fulbright Times Two for Art & Design

    Assistant professors Ingrid Hess and Pouya Afshar, both four-year veterans of the UML faculty, have earned 2018 honors from the Fulbright Scholar Program, the cultural exchange program designed to improve intercultural and diplomatic relations across the globe. 
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  • UMass Lowell Associate Dean of Engineering Kavitha Chandra runs the RAMP camp for incoming women engineering students -- Adriyanna Albert is in the foreground

    On-RAMP Summer Camp Supports Women Engineering Students

    The new RAMP summer camp for incoming women engineering students aims to build their skills and connect them with future mentors so they stay the course. The first-year students say it’s boosting their confidence – and helping them make friends.
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  • UMass Lowell Disability Services staff, from left to right: Lauren Tornatore, Jody Goldstein, Janelle Diaz and Brandon Drake

    How Do We Support Thee? Let Us Count the Ways

    Disability Services – and the entire campus – supports students by embracing universal design principles in buildings and technology while also offering individual help.
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  • an architectural illustration of the new Northern Canal bridge on East Campus

    Replacement Work on Canal Bridges Starts this Summer

    The city of Lowell and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation will begin replacing two canal bridges on campus this summer. Expected to take two years, the projects will create short-term traffic challenges but also long-term benefits to the university community.
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  • Students ride on a gondola on a canal in Venice

    River Hawks Spread Their Wings Abroad this Summer

    There are 150 UML students studying abroad in 20 different countries this summer, as the International Experiences & Study Abroad office continues to provide new ways for students to become globally engaged while gaining valuable career skills.
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  • Students stand at the cash register in the new retail space

    New Outdoor Center and Bike Shop a Major Step Up

    With more visibility and space, the university’s new Outdoor Center and Bike Shop is better equipped to keep pace with students’ growing interest in cycling and recreational programs.
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  • Janelle Campbell, a member of the first class of UMass Lowell's online Ed.D. Leadership in Schooling program, shares her experiences as part of a panel

    College of Education Excels in Online Graduate Degrees

    UMass Lowell’s online graduate programs in education earned a No. 8 ranking from U.S. News & World Report this year. Students say the programs are well-structured and the faculty are both knowledgeable and supportive. They also applaud options in science education and autism studies.
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  • Dana Skinner speaks to the crowd at a United in Blue event

    After High-Flying Career, Skinner Retiring as AD

    After more than three decades at UMass Lowell, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Dana Skinner is retiring in September. He will be replaced by Deputy Director of Athletics Peter Casey.
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  • Teachers weave on manual looms at the Tsongas Industrial History Center in Lowell

    Teachers Learn Hands-on American History in Lowell

    Teachers from elementary, middle and high schools around the country flock to Lowell to learn hands-on teaching techniques in America’s first industrial city.
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  • A student and her family talk with a financial planning advisor

    Financial Aid Planning Sessions Provide Personal Touch

    New one-on-one financial aid planning sessions for incoming students and their families are part of the university’s broader effort to promote students’ long-term financial health and support their success.
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  • Table covered in books and a calendar that reads "booked for the summer" with summer dates blocked off

    Booked for the Summer

    If you’re stuck on what to read this summer, the readers of UMass Lowell have plenty of suggestions. Whether they’re catching up on classics or burrowing into biographies, students, faculty, alumni and staff plan to do some serious page-turning this summer.
    Featured Story
  • Jordi Love and Thomas Nelson met at UMass Lowell and plan to marry

    The Games of Love

    Jordi Love and Thomas Nelson bonded over video and board games. They texted each other their romantic feelings. They worked with professors on a research animation. And now they’re planning to marry. Among their “children” will be their own video games.
    Featured Story
  • Students pose next to a Trabant car in Germany

    River Hawks Spread Their Wings Abroad this Summer

    There are 150 UML students studying abroad in 20 different countries this summer, as the International Experiences & Study Abroad office continues to provide new ways for students to become globally engaged while gaining valuable career skills.
    Featured Story
  • Francine Crystal leads a workshop at UMass Lowell Women's Leadership Conference 2018

    Women’s Leadership Conference Tackles Bias

    At the third annual Women’s Leadership Conference, speakers including the chancellor addressed blatant and subtle bias on the job – and said that in the #MeToo era, there’s still plenty of work to do.
    Featured Story
  • Tom Garrick and Dana Skinner hold a basketball together

    Hoop Dreams: Skinner, Garrick Share NBA Draft Memories

    New River Hawks women’s basketball coach Tom Garrick belongs to an exclusive fraternity with his boss, Director of Athletics Dana Skinner: They were both drafted to play professional basketball in the NBA.
    Featured Story
  • Little Leaf Farms and UML

    Toss the Toxics: Prof. Lauded at State House

    The Toxics Use Reduction Institute recently recognized Asst. Prof. Boce Zang as an Academic Champion of Toxics Use Reduction at the State House. He was one of 12 honorees that are working to reduce toxic chemical use across the Commonwealth.
    Featured Story
  • Dianne Welsh (center) of UNC Greensboro receives the Excellence in Curriculum Innovation in Entrepreneurship Award at the 2018 Deshpande Symposium. She is flanked by Jayshree and Desh Deshpande.

    Educators Get It Done at the Deshpande Symposium

    Julie Lenzer brought her message of creative disruption to the seventh annual Deshpande Symposium for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Higher Education, which drew more than 300 educators, researchers and entrepreneurs, all looking for ways to infuse innovation into academia. 
    Featured Story
  • Allison Dunbar '17 (Exercise Physiology); eNABLE Lowell team member poses with prosthetic hand

    Invented at UML

    Launched in May 2012, DifferenceMaker helps students understand how they can make a difference in the world and to gather with others to bring their vision to life. And if it really works out, a business may emerge from the hard work.
    Featured Story
  • The UML cheerleaders root on the women's basketball team at the Tsongas Center

    Peak Performance: Cheerleaders Take Fourth at Nationals

    The UMass Lowell cheerleading team finished fourth at the 2018 National Cheerleading Association college championships in Daytona Beach, Fla. It was the club team’s best showing ever at the competition.
    Featured Story
  • desh

    Desh Deshpande: Entrepreneurship is A Contact Sport

    Gururaj “Desh” Deshpande has a golden touch when it comes to making a business prosper. We asked him three questions in advance of the seventh annual Deshpande Symposium, June 11 through 13 at the Inn & Conference Center.
    Featured Story
  • MSBA grad student Tri Mai explains his capstone project with MFS Investments

    They’ve Mastered the Science of Business Analytics

    Following their capstone projects with industry partners, the first students from the Master of Science in Business Analytics program graduated from the Manning School of Business this spring.
    Featured Story
  • UML psychology asst. prof. Miko Wilford meets with Jordanne Love and Thomas Nelson

    To Plead or Not to Plead

    Most arrests end in guilty pleas instead of trials, and research suggests that many innocent people plead guilty to escape the threat of a long prison sentence. A psychology professor has teamed up with an art professor to make plea bargains easier to research – and to change an unjust system.
    Featured Story
  • Deb Finch stands with Marty Meehan, Rob and Donna Manning and Jacquie Moloney at the reception

    Business Prof Wins Manning Prize for Teaching Excellence

    Manning School of Business Senior Lecturer Deb Finch won the 2018 Manning Prize for Excellence in Teaching, awarded annually to one faculty member from each of the five UMass campuses.
    Featured Story
  • girlsvid

    Students Share the Message of Girl Power

    Students in Regina Milan's Design in Motion class took their assignment outside the classroom to help Girls Inc. create videos that would appeal to donors.
    Featured Story
  • Pamela Beckwith holds up a UML hockey jersey being donated to the Wish Project

    Spring Move Out Nets Record Haul of Donations

    Spring Move Out yielded a record haul from students, with 16,500 pounds of clothing, household goods and nonperishable food items collected by the Office of Sustainability and donated to local nonprofits.
    Featured Story
  • First-year UMass Lowell students Nicquela Roach (left) and Corey Sanon chat after class

    First-year Writing Classes Get Creative

    The First-year Writing Program is changing things up by offering service-learning and research experiences. Honors College students explore and write about Lowell, while other students can choose their own level in College Writing, including the intensive “studio” option.
    Featured Story
  • Prof. Holly Yanco with a Baxter robot

    Researchers to Develop Self-Evaluating Robots

    Robotics experts from UMass Lowell, Carnegie Mellon University, Brigham Young University and Tufts University are working together to give humanoid robots and other autonomous systems the ability to assess themselves in terms of how well they can perform a given task.
    Featured Story
  • A happy woman graduate from the UMass Lowell 2018 Commencement ceremony

    Commencement 2018 Marks a Moment of Transition and Hope

    Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jon Meacham and U.S. Rep. Niki Tsongas addressed the university’s largest graduating class ever at the 2018 Commencement ceremonies at the Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell.
    Featured Story
  • The Hocking library in Madison, N.H.

    Philosophy Chair Asks Students to Ponder Big Questions

    Philosophy Chair John Kaag loves to ask students the big questions – such as “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” – and answers them for himself in his upcoming book, “American Philosophy: A Love Story.”
    Featured Story
  • Kelsey Mangano

    May the Best Bacteria Win Battle Against Illnesses

    A healthy composition of the gut microbiome – a vast army of microorganisms that keep us alive – could help prevent depression, obesity, arthritis and illnesses such as Parkinson’s Disease among others.
    Featured Story
  • Photo collage showcasing photos of two seniors getting hands-on experience before they graduate in 2018 against a backdrop of spotlights with #UML2018

    Senior Spotlight

    As Commencement draws near, we checked in with our soon-to-be graduates. They've made the most of their time here, in the classrooms and research labs, at internships and co-op jobs, on sports teams and in student clubs. Now, our seniors are ready to make their mark on the world.
    Featured Story
  • Joanne Yestramski helps plant flowers with the compost

    Growth Opportunity: UML Compost Now Available

    Compost generated from the university’s dining hall food waste is now available for purchase by the bag, thanks to a new pilot program run by the Office of Sustainability.
    Featured Story
  • Dietetics grad students pose for a photo at the dip station

    Dietetics Grad Students Serve Up Taste of the Tropics

    Graduate students in the Master’s in Public Health with a focus on dietetics spent the semester interning on campus with University Dining Services, learning about everything from food prep and safety to knife skills and food waste composting.
    Featured Story
  • Debby Fowler

    Students Win NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

    Mechanical engineering senior Deborah Fowler and chemical engineering senior Erin Shaughnessey have each won a 2018 Graduate Research Fellowship Program award from the National Science Foundation.
    Featured Story
  • George Le of Iron Legion tell the DeifferenceMaker Idea Challenge judges how he will work drones for municipalities

    Iron Legion Hovers Above the Competition

    The sixth annual DifferenceMaker Idea Challenge spawned some unique ideas among the 10 finalists, including the winning proposal for a network of public safety drones.
    Featured Story
  • Manning students participate in the Salesforce 2018 TrailheaDX developer conference via webcam

    In Salesforce Training, Manning School’s Already a Force

    UMass Lowell and the Manning School of Business have been recognized by Salesforce for their pioneering efforts in implementing Trailhead training resources in the classroom — and giving students CRM skills that are in high demand by employers.
    Featured Story
  • The four Forsyth brothers sit at a table in O'Leary Library on their laptops

    Family Affair

    Meet four families who have more than just genes in common. UMass Lowell is a common thread that binds them together, from generation to generation.
    Featured Story
  • Topacan in action

    Rising from the Ashes, TopaCan Hits the Market

    Industrious and driven to entrepreneurship, 25-year-old mechanical engineering grad Justin Lozier ’17 invented TopaCan, “the most convenient ashtray in the world.” 
    Featured Story
  • Vice Provost for Faculty Success Beth Mitchneck talks to faculty

    Mitchneck Maps Course for Faculty Success

    In her first year as vice provost for faculty success, Beth Mitchneck has focused on building a sense of community among the university’s nearly 800 faculty members while helping them succeed in their research, instruction and professional development.
    Featured Story
  • EIM manager Diana Davis stands in the weight room

    ‘Exercise is Medicine’ Supports Students’ Well-being

    A collaboration between Campus Recreation, the Wellness Center and the Exercise Physiology department, the Exercise is Medicine program teaches students how exercise can improve their overall well-being by providing them with 16 personal training sessions – free of charge.
    Featured Story
  • 2018 Tripathy Lecture1

    Nobel Prize Winner Sheds Light on the Future of LEDs

    Nobel laureate Shuji Nakamura was on campus recently to deliver this year’s Tripathy Endowed Memorial Lecture and to receive an honorary doctorate from UMass Lowell.
    Featured Story
  • Piles of rubble and trash are everywhere in Haiti, which has little sanitation infrastructure

    Civil Engineering Students Use Know-how to Help in Haiti

    A dozen civil and environmental engineering majors created their own senior capstone class to take on the challenge of designing home sanitation systems for a community in Haiti. The students traveled to Haiti to learn more about the people and local conditions.
    Featured Story
  • University of Georgia education professor Bettina Love spoke about hip hop civics education at UMass Lowell

    Arts and Culture Engage Children in Urban Schools

    Children of color come to school with amazing cognitive skills they’ve developed through music, dance and art. Understanding their culture and history is key to keeping them engaged in meaningful learning, says renowned educator Bettina Love.
    Featured Story
  • Jacquie Keeves, left, is the point person for sexual violence at the UML Wellness Center, while Marina Novaes is active in sexual violence prevention

    UML Leads the Way in Preventing Sexual Assault

    UML is working hard to educate students in sexual violence prevention in the classroom, on playing fields, in student clubs and through residence life. Faculty are also doing cutting-edge research in the field.
    Featured Story
  • UMass Lowell students Judgress Sylvestre and Shanna Chow work with children at the Coalition for a Better Acre after-school program

    Mentoring Program Pairs UML Students with Lowell Schoolchildren

    Ten first-generation UML students are mentoring children in Lowell after-school programs. Assoc. Prof. Phitsamay Uy says she hopes the UML students will get the children interested in college – and that the children will get the UML students interested in teaching.
    Featured Story
  • UML's P3 team

    Students’ Eco-friendly Fertilizer Wins EPA Award

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded a group of UMass Lowell student researchers a “P3” grant to develop an innovative technology that would turn seafood waste into fertilizer.
    Featured Story
  • Business professor Julie Zhang looks out her office window

    Business Professor Mines Lessons from Facebook Data Scandal

    Manning School of Business Assoc. Prof. Julie Zhang, whose research includes social media analytics and data mining, says Facebook’s data breach scandal involving Cambridge Analytica shouldn’t overshadow the positives that come from mining Big Data for business intelligence.
    Featured Story
  • Noelle Lambert is swarmed by teammates after scoring

    Lambert Soars Once Again for River Hawks

    Twenty months after losing her left leg in a moped accident, junior attack Noelle Lambert makes an emotional return to the field for the women’s lacrosse team – and scores a goal in the River Hawks’ win.
    Featured Story
  • UML honors political science student Mansour Chaya won money for law school on "Wheel of Fortune"

    UML Honors Student Wins Big on Wheel of Fortune

    Honors student Mansour Chaya won “Wheel of Fortune” by a nose, beating out students from Georgia State and UCLA. Chaya, a political science major, says he’s saving the money for law school.
    Featured Story
  • This summer, Mary Humble (left), Georgina Hutchison and Deirdre Hutchison will all be studying together at UMass Lowell.

    Three Generations of Women Study at UML

    For Mary Humble, studying at UMass Lowell is the fulfillment of a dream – after her high school education was cut short in Ireland nearly 60 years ago. Her daughter recently joined her on campus, and her granddaughter starts at UML this summer.
    Featured Story
  • Students and faculty on the business ethics case competition team pose for a photo

    Students Ready to Make Their Case for Business Ethics

    A team of five Manning School of Business students will compete for the first time at the International Business Ethics Case Competition in Boston. The team is led by faculty members Erica Steckler and Elissa Magnant, co-directors of the Donahue Center for Business Ethics and Social Responsibility.
    Featured Story
  • tawakkol

    Roses, Not Guns, Says Greeley Scholar

    Tawakkol Karman, the first Arab woman, the first person from Yemen and the second Muslim woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, was on campus to deliver the keynote address at the university’s 23rd annual Day Without Violence. She is UML’s 2018 Greeley Scholar for Peace Studies.
    Featured Story
  • Rows of crops grow inside the university's Urban Agriculture Greenhouse.

    Down to Earth

    UMass Lowell's commitment to sustainability is evident in the six LEED-certified buildings on campus, the programs to boost recycling and cut food waste, the academic and research projects addressing everything from climate change to renewable energy and more.
    Featured Story
  • Crops growing in the greenhouse on East Campus

    Students’ Sustainability Fee Seeds 10 New Projects

    Ten projects led by students, faculty and staff received more than $50,000 in support from the university’s Sustainability Encouragement & Enrichment Development (S.E.E.D.) Fund, which saw a jump in applications in its second year.
    Featured Story
  • Scene from Memory Box being performed by Flying Orb

    Students Customize Degrees to Pursue Their Passions

    When student interests cross the borders of traditional academic disciplines, they turn to interdisciplinary studies and the Bachelor of Liberal Arts program to customize their education.
    Featured Story
  • the team behind InvisaWear

    InvisaWear Gaining Visibility

    The smart jewelry company began in 2016 as a DifferenceMaker project but is gaining big-time sparkle as it launches to the rest of the world.
    Featured Story
  • UML honors student Abby Colangelo looks over data with her honors fellowship mentor, Assoc. Prof. Ashleigh Hillier in psychology

    Honors College Offers 100 Student Fellowships a Year

    This year, the Honors College offered 100 fellowships to students who wanted to delve into research, read broadly outside their majors, intern at a nonprofit or create something original. The fellowships pay students for 100 hours of work with a faculty, staff or community mentor.
    Featured Story
  • Jessica and Jack Carroll stand on the stairs in the business school

    Carrolls Continue to Corner the Market at UML

    For siblings Jack, Jessica and Kimberly Carroll of North Andover, a UMass Lowell education is practically in their bloodlines. Their father and seven of their aunts and uncles attended the university.
    Featured Story
  • Brian Trainor (right) joined Bob Lucier at the openeing reception of Branding Lowell on March 24 at the Mogan Center.

    Lowell by Design

    What can graphics tell you about a city's history? A new exhibit focuses on design branding in Lowell – including UMass Lowell – over the years.
    Featured Story
  • IMAGE satellite ready for launch

    Long-lost Satellite Carrying UML-built Instrument Rediscovered

    NASA was able to re-establish radio contact with the IMAGE satellite, which was launched in 2000 and operated for nearly six years before ground controllers suddenly lost its signal in December 2005.
    Featured Story
  • The model classroom in the Coburn Hall renovation, UML

    Coburn Hall Goes Back to the Future in Renovation

    The top-to-bottom renovation of Coburn Hall will allow the College of Education to return to its historic home – with updates that will carry it into the future.
    Featured Story
  • Molly Mahoney and Kady Stanton by the panel displaying the letter from Firmo Correa to Sen. John F. Kennedy

    Portuguese Immigration Comes Alive in Exhibit

    Two history students took on the challenge of telling the story of Portuguese immigration to Lowell in a traveling museum exhibit. In the process, they uncovered family history – and a historic letter to then-Sen. John F. Kennedy, who sponsored an emergency bill to admit more Portuguese islanders.
    Featured Story
  • Panelists speak at the IoT Forum

    ‘Alexa, What’s the Future of IoT?’

    Sixty academic, government and industry leaders and researchers from across the region came together for “The Internet of Things: Enabling Technologies & Emerging Trends,” a forum hosted by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation and the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative.
    Featured Story
  • Student EMS members pose with their trophy

    Student EMTs Shine on National Stage

    The university’s Emergency Medical Services team finished second out of more than 30 teams in a skills competition at the National Collegiate EMS Foundation’s annual conference in Philadelphia.
    Featured Story
  • UMass Lowell Asst. Prof. of English Jenna Vinson with her new book, "Embodying the Problem"

    English Professor Studies Shaming of Teen Moms

    Jenna Vinson’s new book, “Embodying the Problem,” looks at how young mothers are shamed and stigmatized in teen pregnancy prevention campaigns – and how they are pushing back. The real problem, they argue, is lack of social support for moms of any age.
    Featured Story
  • Three students looking out of a University Suites window over the city of Lowell

    Window on the World

    Whether you aspire to do big things like developing new options for sustainable energy, or achieve personal goals like immersing yourself in new cultures, UMass Lowell has options for you right here in our community.
    Featured Story
  • Orhan Kallogjeri inspects a refrigerator while Tu Anh Huynh looks on

    Engineering Students All About (Energy) Efficiency

    Mechanical engineer students, led by senior lecturer Michele Putko, are helping improve energy efficiency at the Lowell Transitional Living Center through an independent study project funded by a mini-grant from the university’s Sustainability Encouragement & Enrichment Development (S.E.E.D.) Fund.
    Featured Story
  • Prof. Camci-Unal with her student in the lab

    Researchers Develop New Biomaterials for Tissue Regeneration

    Chemical engineering Assistant Professor Gulden Camci-Unal and her team of student researchers are designing new biomaterials that could someday be used to repair, replace or regenerate skin, bone, cartilage, heart valve, heart muscle and blood vessels, among others.
    Featured Story
  • Singer-rapper Wyclef Jean on stage with a UMass Lowell student in Durgin Hall

    Grammy Winner Wyclef Jean Teaches Music Master Class

    In a visit to campus March 1, Grammy-winning pop star Wyclef Jean met with UMass Lowell music students to give advice and audition talent for his new “Back to School” mix tape.
    Featured Story
  • Linda Barg, who has been president of the UML Finance Society for the past two years, has signed up for the leadership RHED

    River Hawk Experience Distinction Rewards Student Involvement

    UMass Lowell is launching a unique program to recognize student involvement outside the classroom – and connect it with coursework. The new River Hawk Experience Distinctions will be offered in four areas: entrepreneurship, leadership, community engagement and global engagement.
    Featured Story
  • UMass Lowell Student Government Association President Lisa Degou and student Trustee Lindy Reed chat with Chancellor Jacquie Moloney.

    Student Government Talks, and the Chancellor Listens

    From providing financial literacy workshops to improving advising, the Student Government Association advocates for student interests – and works with the chancellor and her team to implement solutions.
    Featured Story
  • iRobot engineers speak at the PermissionToFail panel discussion

    iRobot Engineers to Students: Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

    A group of engineers from iRobot, including alumni Eva Moscat and Anne (Faber) Gambino, shared how they overcame academic adversity during a panel discussion with STEM students dubbed “#PermissionToFail.”
    Featured Story
  • UMass Lowell Student Government Association President Lisa Degou and student Trustee Lindy Reed chat with Chancellor Jacquie Moloney.

    Student Government Talks, and the Chancellor Listens

    From providing financial literacy workshops to improving advising, the Student Government Association advocates for student interests – and works with the chancellor and her team to implement solutions.
    Featured Story
  • UMass Lowell History Prof. Chad Montrie gives a talk at the Conservation Law Foundation president's series

    Historian Looks at Popular Roots of Environmental Movement

    In his new book, History Prof. Chad Montrie documents the origins of the environmental movement in community and labor activism, from the fight for clean drinking water in Lawrence to protests against pesticides and herbicides by migrant farmworkers.
    Featured Story
  • UMass Lowell Student Government Association President Lisa Degou and student Trustee Lindy Reed chat with Chancellor Jacquie Moloney.

    Student Government Talks, and the Chancellor Listens

    From providing financial literacy workshops to improving advising, the Student Government Association advocates for student interests – and works with the chancellor and her team to implement solutions.
    Featured Story
  • Purple text that reads "Celebrating Women at UMass Lowell" on pale yellow background with flowers

    Celebrating Women

    We’re celebrating women at UMass Lowell in coordination with Women’s History Month. The greater campus community is proud to host a variety of special events throughout the month of March that celebrate and honor the achievements of female students, alumnae, faculty and staff.
    Featured Story
  • Okra, cucumber, bean, radish, arugula, and squash seed packets spread out on a table

    Seeding a Future in Puerto Rico

    Last fall, Hurricane Maria tore across Puerto Rico, decimating the island's infrastructure. Months later, the struggle to rebuild and rebound continues. UMass Lowell wants to help.
    Featured Story
  • An open book with two pages folded inward to form a heart shape

    Love Stories

    UMass Lowell has its share of history, but only rarely is it told in terms of love. Valentine's Day seems a fitting time to recount a few of the many entries in UMass Lowell's book of love.
    Featured Story
  • University officials accept a sustainability award at a Lowell City Council meeting

    University Wins Green Design Award from City

    The LEED Gold-certified Pulichino Tong Business Building received the Green Design Award from the City of Lowell as part of its annual Sustainable Lowell Awards.
    Featured Story
  • Alex Lopes

    Researcher Headed to Winter Olympics

    Alexandre Lopes, associate professor of physical therapy, is conducting research, blogging and posting photos about his experiences at the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea.
    Featured Story
  • Newly-elected Methuen City Councilor-at-Large Ryan Hamilton is a UMass Lowell sophomore studying political science

    UML’s Hamilton is Smashin’ Every Expectation

    Sophomore political science major Ryan Hamilton was elected to the Methuen City Council last fall. At 20 years old, he’s serving his first term as “Councilor Hamilton.”
    Featured Story
  • Students use a Digital Learning Center at the Pulichino Tong Business Center

    Computer Labs Rebooted as Digital Learning Centers

    Backed by a $173,000 investment in new technology, the university’s new Digital Learning Centers provide students and faculty with improved computer labs throughout campus — all centrally managed by the Information Technology Office.
    Featured Story
  • Workers set up a lab at TURI's new location

    Plenty of Movers and Shakers over Winter Break

    The NERVE Center and Toxics Use Reduction Institute both moved to new homes over winter break, while Facilities Management steamed ahead on renovations at Perry and Pasteur halls and on the construction of University Suites Dining.
    Featured Story
  • Purple flowers against the back of snow-covered Coburn Hall

    Jump into January

    It may be winter out there, but spring semester has arrived. Whether you're a returning student or new to campus, we’ve got all the information you need to kick your semester into high gear.
    Featured Story
  • highly processed foods

    Professor Wins $3.9M Grant to Study How Diet Affects Dementia

    Prof. Katherine Tucker of the Department of Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences has received a $3.9 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to study the effects of highly processed foods on cognitive decline.
    Featured Story
  • Vice Provost Julie Nash, left, and sociology lecturer Thomas Pineros-Shields, right, chat with students after their presentation on college debt

    Sociology Students Hold Forum on Debt-Free College

    Sociology students taking the course Social Problems discussed their ideas for reducing the cost of college with state legislators and university officials at an end-of-semester “Debt-Free College Town Hall.”
    Featured Story
  • North Korean ICBM

    Nuclear Security Expert Assesses World Threats in 2018

    Assoc. Prof. Sukesh Aghara, director of UMass Lowell’s Nuclear Engineering Program, shares his perspective on what we can expect to see in the geopolitical landscape in the coming year.
    Featured Story
  • Dominique Haughton has lunch with her piano teacher and classmates

    Play It Again, Prof: Love of Piano Spurs Return

    Born in Paris, educated at MIT and employed at Bentley University for the past 28 years as a professor of mathematical sciences, Dominique Haughton has returned to UMass Lowell to complete her undergraduate music degree. She’s also helping to build a stronger sense of community in the piano wing at Durgin Hall.
    Featured Story
  • E-Ink executives Lynne Garone and Simon Nip with UMass Lowell co-op students Robert Rosario and Daniel Magee

    E Ink Partners with UML on Workforce Training, Co-ops and Innovation

    E Ink is expanding its partnership with UMass Lowell beyond co-ops and internships, thanks to a $196,000 workforce training grant that the Division of Online and Continuing Education helped the high-tech company obtain from the state and the opening of more innovation labs on campus.