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Audio Calls

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Answer a phone call

When you receive a call, an alert will appear on your screen:


Do one of the following:

  • If you have a desk phone, answer it as you would normally
  • If you have a headset, you can:
    • Click the blue Phone icon to answer the call: Mac-AnswerCall
    • Click the red Phone icon to reject the call: Mac-HangUp

Make a phone call

You can use Skype for Business to call your contacts or dial a number just like a regular phone.

To call someone in your contacts:

  • Click on the person's name, then click the Phone button.
  • Select the number to call (Work, Mobile, etc). Note: The "Skype Call" option will call their work number.

You can directly dial a phone number in two ways:

  • Click Contacts, enter the phone number in the search box, click on it, and select the Phone button:
  • Select Dial Pad (or press Mac-CommandTwo), enter the number, and click Mac-Call.


  • You do not need to dial an "8" or a "1" for outside calls
  • You can dial internal extensions directly (i.e. 41234)
  • You can type letters in the phone number (i.e. 978-934-HELP)


If you are in a call and do not see the dial pad and options (hold, transfer, etc), click the Call Controls button Mac-CallControls

Call Controls:

  • Click Hold to place the call on hold.
  • Click Transfer to transfer the call to another number. Note that this would default to a "blind" transfer – see Transfer phone calls for information on how to announce a call before a transfer.
  • If you have a second device connected, you can switch to it without leaving the conversation - click Devices and select the device.

You can make a test call from your computer to see how the speaker and microphone are working on your headset or other device.
  • Go to the Contacts tab in Skype for Business and search for "audio test" - you will see a match for Audio Test Service:
    Note: You may see more than one matching can call any of them to test your audio services.
  • Call the contact - you will be prompted to record a short message, which will be played back to you.
  • Hint: Add the Audio Test Service contact to your Contacts to make it easier to use in the future.

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