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Video Calls

Skype for Business - Video Calls

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Answer a video call

  • Answer a video call in the same way you answer an audio call.
  • If you get an incoming video call request, but want to answer with audio only, click Answer With Audio Only.

Answer a video call

Make a video call

Start a video call by doing one of the following:

  • Hover the mouse over the icon to the left of the person’s name, then click the Video icon:  camera icon
  • In an IM or phone call, click the Video icon to begin a video call.

Use video controls and views

When you are in a video call, use the buttons at the bottom of the call window to manage your call, just like with an audio call:

  • Use the mic button to mute or unmute your audio.
  • Click the red phone icon to hang up.

If you minimize the call window, you will see a compact view of the call. Some of these options are available when you have more than one person on the call and/or have uploaded a PowerPoint presentation.

Click Pick a Layout, and choose an option:

  • Gallery View gives a view of all the participants’ photos, or videos, plus meeting content
  • Speaker View shows the presenter’s video or photo
  • Content View only shows the meeting content
  • Compact View shows the tiles of the participants’ photos in a compact window

Always on top

If you cover the Skype video call window, a small window with basic controls will appear on top of your other windows; this ensures you always have access to these functions. To restore the full video window, double-click anywhere within the video window.

Video call

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