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Taking Attendance / Attendance Application

Tracking Student Participation Through Attendance

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Faculty and Students Login via the UMass Lowell Attendance Application website


The Attendance application was developed by Web Services in collaboration with the Academic Technology Team to provide instructors with a method of tracking attendance. After other third party applications and polling software was researched it became clear that this application would serve a large section of the UMass Lowell community.

INSTRUCTOR QUICK GUIDE (pdf) - Attendance data can be used to compute participation points, in accordance with the course syllabus. Often class engagement and participation can be used as an indicator for student success. Go to to get started.

STUDENT QUICK GUIDE (pdf) - To access the attendance app, students go to the with any device and log in with your student email credentials. Students can check their own records from the Records option on the menu.

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The Records tab view.


BLACKBOARD ATTENDANCE (pdf) - Blackboard has a built in Attendance feature that allows the faculty member to enter attendance manually. Points can be associated and displayed as a Score or Percentage.

For information about the two attendance tools and which one would work best for your courses, contact or schedule a consult