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About the Clinical Pathology Certificate Program

Modern medicine has expanded the hopes for early diagnosis and successful treatment of diseases once considered deadly. Major advances in laboratory technology have resulted in earlier diagnosis and improved treatment. The fast and changing field of diagnostic technologies requires ongoing training of medical laboratory professionals as well as other health care professionals and biomedical scientists to keep abreast of the continued development of principles, theories and practices of diagnostic medicine. This understanding, however, requires knowledge of Clinical Pathology.

The objective of this four-course graduate certificate is to provide the student with a basic understanding of both normal physiology and pathophysiology associated with disease processes of the body and to provide insight and knowledge of current technologies that can improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease as well as to improve patient outcome.

An ongoing effort on the part of our faculty is to stay abreast with state of the art technology as it applies to meaningful diagnostic criteria. The UMass Lowell Department of Biomedical and Nutritional Science has doctorally-trained faculty who are involved in theoretical and clinical research for the advancement of laboratory diagnostics. The expertise our faculty have to offer is not only beneficial to those practicing laboratory diagnostics but for other individuals who must have a grasp of the theory and relevance of its outcomes.

The graduate Certificate in Clinical Pathology was developed for medical laboratory personnel, nurses, medical professionals and people working in the pharmaceutical industry who are interested in expanding and updating their knowledge in clinical pathology, diagnosis and treatment. Personnel employed in the biomedical device and biotechnology industries are another group who benefit from this certificate program. Indeed, clinical pathology and diagnostic criteria are essential to understanding the direction and course of various biomedical industry initiatives.

Career Opportunities

Qualified individuals completing this certificate will be better prepared to enter the Master's Degree Program in Clinical Laboratory Science or related programs. Course credit taken to fulfill the requirements for the graduate certificate can be applied to the Master's Degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences. In the past health professionals have found the certificate to be very valuable in understanding and performing their jobs in a wide variety of clinical arenas in addition to the clinical laboratory, such as biotechnology, public health, as well as other health related fields.

Admission Requirements

To learn more please visit the UMass Lowell Graduate Catalog. To apply, please visit the Office of Graduate Admissions.  For additional information, visit Graduate, Online & Professional Studies.